Hotel phone

Currently, most hotels use internal phones in their hotels to save costs. Although it is not used too commonly in the current 4.0 technology era, the desk phone has always been an indispensable item for optimizing customer care in the hotel room. Hotel phones for living rooms and bathrooms are beautifully designed, luxuriously elegant, improving call quality and user experience.
Why should hotels (Hotels) invest in phone systems?
- The hotel is the place to receive the number of customers coming in and out every day and especially during the holidays of the year. Besides the quality of rooms and space, quick and convenient booking communication is also one of the criteria to attract customers to decide to book a room at your hotel, not a booking option. other places.
- Telephone system for hotels and motels is a device used for internal communication, reception in hotels when divided into many floors, different rooms or hall areas for visitors to rest, entertainment, travel. In addition to the basic equipment in the room, customers can communicate outside conveniently and simply as well as their own needs, so setting up a telephone switchboard will be quickly connected between hotel staff and customers.
- Low investment cost
- Improve call quality
- Free internal calls
- Call recording
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- Phone models for hotels of Panasonic, Fanvil, Excelltel... with beautiful, luxurious design, full wired and wireless connection, or bathroom phones designed with Mic and Speakerphone makes the user comfortable hands-free without holding the phone in the shower
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