You can change the display language using the Zoom feature on your Zoom app and the Zoom website. Supported languages ​​for Zoom Meeting app can be switched easily
- How to enable language interpretation in Zoom?
- How to translate in Zoom?
- How do you use the Zoom guide in Vietnamese?
- How to change meeting settings in Zoom?
Zoom is currently one of the most popular apps for video calling, meetings, and conferencing. It is very easy to use and you can simply use the app on your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. You can easily customize Zoom to what you want and need. You can hold meetings with different users simply by sending them a link to the meeting with your Zoom software.
You can switch language from English to Vietnamese easily, easy to use or Switch another language for different purposes
Supported languages ​​change on Zoom Meeting:
- Chinese (Simplified, Traditional)
- English (English)
- French (French)
- German (German)
- Japanese (Japanese)
- Portuguese (Portuguese)
- Russian (Russian)
- Spanish (Spanish)
- Vietnamese
Instructions to install Vietnamese on Zoom Meeting for phones and computers
This tutorial is done on laptop running Windows 10 operating system, SmartPhone running Android operating system and iOS operating system. You can operate on other operating systems such as macOS, Linux, Web, similar to the instructions below of GTC TECH.

1. Instructions to change Zoom language for computers
a. Detailed instructions for converting on computers
Step 1: You open the Zoom application on your computer and log in to Zoom. Then you look at the Zoom icon under the Taskbar, if not, click the arrow icon on the Taskbar to expand the system tray.
Step 2: Select the up arrow on the screen, the up arrow in the Windows taskbar > Right click on the Zoom icon in the notification frame

Step 3: Select the item Switch Languages ​​(Select the language to change) > Select the Vietnamese language or the language you want to change on Zoom.

Step 4: After completing Step 3, Zoom will be restarted immediately and the interface of Zoom Meeting software will be changed to Vietnamese as below.

- The video call interface on Zoom Meeting has not changed, the options are replaced with Vietnamese as shown below.

- The settings are also converted to the Vietnamese system for your convenience in adjusting and setting up such as enhancing security for Zoom, turning on the feature not to draw on Zoom screen...,.

2. Instructions to change Zoom language for iPhone and Android phones
a. Instructions on iPhone phone
Step 1: You click General (General) > Select Language and Region (Language & Region).

Step 2: Click to select iPhone Language (iPhone Language) > Select Vietnamese language or the language you want, you have changed the language on Zoom.

b.Instructions on Android phones
Step 1: You go to Settings (Settings) click on the Magnifier icon > Enter the word "Language" or "Language" in the search bar > Language and input.

Step 2: You select Language and input> Language .

Step 3: Select Add language > Select the language you want to change.

Step 4: Click Set as default and you have changed the language on Zoom.

Above is a guide to convert Zoom language to Vietnamese on computers, simple phones with detailed instructions. Hopefully through the above article of GTC TECH, you will be able to use Zoom software more easily and conveniently to serve your online teaching and learning needs.
Zoom Meeting brings beautiful, simple, scalable video conferencing with built-in audio and wireless content sharing to any meeting space - meeting rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms and offices operation room.

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