Currently, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic situation, many cities are dealing with self-isolation, schools are turning to online learning and businesses are encouraging their employees to work remotely. / stay at home to ensure health. Now, that doesn't mean going on vacation. That means working from home — and to do that effectively, you'll need some tools that can help. The online opening for the new school year 2021-2022 has been prepared by many provinces and cities.
The school organizes the online opening ceremony using Zoom Meeting software to create opportunities for the school, teachers, parents and students to have high interaction and ensure health safety and prevention of COVID-19 epidemic for students.
- How do you open Zoom for online classes?
- How do you start a Zoom class?
- Is Zoom good for online teaching?
- What is the best app for online video teaching?
- How do online classes work on Zoom?
GTC TECH Detailed instructions for opening the new online school year 2021-2022 by Zoom
To effectively start the new online school year, the first thing to do is to plan to choose Zoom Pro software with many features to support online teaching and learning. In order to help the school and teachers know how to open online classes with Zoom Meeting software effectively, in the article below, GTC TECH would like to provide detailed instructions for the online opening of 2021-2022 by Zoom.

1. Prepare software for online (online) opening
Depending on the number of students participating in the declaration of each school, the school chooses a copyrighted Zoom Meeting package that is suitable for organizing the opening ceremony for students. GTC TECH offers a Zoom Meeting Pro package for up to 1000 people. However, if the number of students participating in the opening ceremony is over 1000, the school can create livestreams for the opening ceremony on the school fanpage so that teachers can open it and share it on the screen for students in the Zoom classroom. watch together. There are 2 options to go to school to choose from:
- Option 1: Under 1000 students - Buy copyrighted Zoom Meeting software according to the number of students participating (maximum no more than 1000 people)
- Option 2: Over 1000 students - Each teacher can buy the copyrighted Zoom software for their class (both for online opening and for online teaching after school starts)
To buy Zoom Meeting software, you can refer to the price HERE - GTC TECH reputable - quality Zoom Meeting software distributor - Quick support in Vietnam
Basic features of the copyright Zoom Meeting package
- Removed the 40-minute time limit for each session
- Session time up to 30 hours
- Optional ID for the meeting as you like
- ID and password will not change after each meeting, just send it once and use it forever
- Support many features such as managing, monitoring and organizing online lessons by: Breakout Room, screen sharing, livestreams, sharing whiteboard, mute participants, monitor attendance..
- Quick technical support, enthusiastic advice 24/24
2. How to use Zoom Meeting software for online classes
- For option 1 – Use less than 1000 students
   + Step 1: After you log in to the Zoom Meeting software, you go to the schedule to schedule the meeting according to the date and time that will be held.
   + Step 2: After you schedule a copy of the invitation for the meeting and send it to the homeroom teachers, the teachers can send it to their parents and students.
   + Step 3: On the opening day, the school just needs to hold a meeting by clicking New Meeting. Students can now join the meeting to watch their school's opening ceremony online
  ==>> Note: To make it easy to monitor and manage students in their class, teachers should agree for students to name when participating in the school's zoom room as "Class name - Full name of learn". (Example: 3A – Nguyen Thanh Van)
- For option 2 – Use over 1000 students
   + Step 1: The homeroom teachers schedule the meeting according to the date and time of the opening ceremony
   + Step 2: After the teacher scheduled the meeting, copy the meeting invitation and send it to the parents and students
   + Step 3: On the opening day, the school will broadcast the opening ceremony live on the school's fanpage. Teachers open Livestreams and then use Zoom Meeting's share screen feature to share the screen for all students to see.
3. Detailed instructions on how to use Zoom Meeting's features for online classes
a. How to schedule a meeting
- Step 1: After you have logged into your account to Zoom, at Zoom's interface, click on the Schedule item to start scheduling a meeting.
- Step 2: When the interface is displayed, you can set up the necessary information for the next meeting
   + Topic: Enter the name of the lesson/meeting
   + Start: Enter the class time. You can schedule each class/meeting about 5-10 minutes in advance so that students/students or staff can prepare.
   + Duration: Select the total time for the lesson.
  Click Save to save the configuration
b. How to Livestream the meeting on Facebook
- Enable livestream for your meeting with all meeting participants
   + Log in to your Zoom Meeting account on the web as an administrator to have permission to edit account settings
   + Select Account Management > Account Settings
   + In the In meeting(Advanced) section, you will see the Allow live streaming the meetings feature, you can enable this feature by clicking the slider on the right
   + You can choose how to install if you want to make this setting mandatory for all users in your Zoom account, tap the lock icon, then tap Lock to confirm the setting
     . Step 1: Log in to Zoom on the Web
     . Step 2: Click Meetings
     . Step 3: Click Schedule a Meeting and then fill in the information to schedule the meeting
     . Step 4: Click Save to display a set of tabs with advanced settings options
     . Step 5: Click on the Livestreaming tab then click on the link configure live stream settings
     . Step 6: Follow the instructions provided by the administrator in the blue box, contact the administrator if the instructions are incomplete.
Above are detailed instructions for opening 2021 online by Zoom, preparing for online teaching in the new school year.
Wish you all peace and have a meaningful online school year and lots of experiences!!!

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