3CX Softphone is an open platform VoIP telephony application. Provides a complete unified communications solution with simple, flexible features that take the headache out of managing outdated traditional phone systems.
In addition to supporting popular VoIP phones. 3cx also supports softphone feature installed on PC, smartphone is very convenient.
Instructions for setting up and configuring SIP accounts on 3CX Softphone
To install softphone on Windows platform, you need to download the software and install 3cxphonesystem on 3cx.com, then go to the mail declared in the extensions configuration section on 3cx
Visit https://www.3cx.com/voip/softphone/
 - Download and install Softfone application on PC/Laptop/Smartfone Android-IOS.
 - After the installation is complete, start configuring 3CXPHONE.
Step 1: Select Home -> Accounts
Step 2: Appear interface select NEW
- Enter all the information provided, then press
- Enter information in the section:
   + ID + Password : Enter the provided SipEndPoint information.
- SIP Server + OutboudProxy : Enter the provided SipEndpoint information.
- Done click ok.
Step 3: Check the status.
- After entering information, the software will display the status "On Hook" as successful connection
- I make the call normally.
You can follow the specific instructions via video of GTC Group

3CX Softphone is ideal for freelancers, small business owners or home users

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