Instructions on how to activate Zoom version used Zoom Free
1. Check email address
- check all your emails! Maybe the email will fall into the spam box, advertising (promotion), .. Please double check that the email has the sender content "Zoom" and the subject is "Zoom account invitiation"! If yes, please click!
==> Note: Email is only valid for 30 days from the date of receipt

2. Check the registered email to activate

Click the “Approve the Request” button to activate your account.
Note: if the activation button is not clicked for more than 30 days, the activation will expire.
3. Conversion confirmation

- The information displayed above asks if you want to transfer the account you are using or not. If you haven't purchased a Zoom plan, you can click the “I acknowledge and switch” button as all information on the account will remain the same after you accept it.
- In case you are using another Zoom package and during the payment period, clicking accept will cancel your package. So you should consider carefully before choosing the right button.
4. Complete activation

After you complete the above steps, the screen will display the image above. You just need to turn it off and log in to Zoom
5. Then log out of and log in to the Zoom app

Login email and pass zoom. Then Sign in is complete. If in case you forget your password, enter FORGOT. A new password will be sent to your email and I will retrieve the password by email.
6. You click on the avatar in the top right corner to see if the word LISENED has appeared. If yes, then the account has been successfully upgraded

7. Click on the clock-shaped meeting, then press EDIT to get the ID and PASSCODE to send to the customer

8. Create a normal meeting

So you can start participating in online classes, online conference meetings right on the browser without having to install the zoom application on your computer through the instructions on how to use Zoom Meeting above.
Above is the most detailed and easy way to install and use Zoom Meeting for businesses, organizations, individuals, for teachers and students. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the information below. GTC Group is the official agent of Zoom Meeting in Vietnam market and will support 24/7 quickly and enthusiastically.

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Support Tech: 1900 2626 - 0902.253.263

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