How to use Jabra headphones is always the question of many people when using this product for the first time. So, in this article we would like to give you the simplest way to use Jabra headphones. Wish you will have a great experience with this product.

Using Jabra headphones is easy, simple

What are Jabra headphones?
How to use Jabra headphones correctly? Let's go through some basic information about the product before learning about the manual of this device!

Jabra headphones are high-end, genuine headphones products distributed by the Vietnamese Bluetooth company. It is manufactured by a famous company in the field of headphones and speaker systems according to European standards.

Headsets from Jabra are always preferred by consumers because they are all products with good quality and outstanding features. In addition, this product also has a compact, luxurious and extremely sophisticated design.

With HD sound quality, bluetooth 4.0 standard and outstanding features such as anti-sweat, water-resistant, Jabra headphones are highly appreciated products by users, being a great choice in the segment at the same price. .

How to connect Jabra headsets with Iphone or Android phone

How to connect Jabra headphones with Iphone or phones with Android operating system is very simple. Usually, you just need to do the following:

If it is the first time connecting the Jabra headphones to the phone, when taking the headset out of the box, it will connect to the nearest phone automatically. If you want to disconnect to switch to another phone, turn off the headset by pressing and holding the "multi function" button until the LED light blinks red.

Turn on bluetooth on the phone you want to connect

Hold down the "Universal" button on the right headset, you will hear the connection instructions on the headset, the LED light blinks green to start the connection. Then release the multi-function button.

Note: If you want to adjust the mode to Stereo at both ears, press within 1 second of the "volume down" button on the left ear.

On the connected phone side, in the list of available bluetooth devices, select the name of the Jabra headset.

Please enter the password "0000" if required. Once there, your phone is connected to the headset and using them simply.

How to use a Jabra headset through shortcuts
To be able to connect and use the Jabra bluetooth headset quickly and conveniently, you need to learn the functions of the shortcuts. How to connect Jabra headphones through shortcuts will save you time, at the same time, avoid complicated and cumbersome steps.

The functions of the shortcut on the right include:

Play / Pause the song by pressing the "multi" key once

Answer / end a call by pressing the "multipurpose" key once

Reject a call made when double-pressing the "multi-function" key

Using the virtual assistant is activated when you hold down the "multi" key for about 1 second in the state of no incoming call.

Turn off / turn on the function of listening to music while listening to sounds in the outside environment when double-clicking the "multi-function" key when there is no incoming call

The functions of the left shortcut include:

Adjust the volume: by using the volume up or down buttons
Pass the song by holding the volume up key for 2 seconds to advance the song and vice versa, hold the volume down key for 2 seconds to rewind
Check battery status: use the volume up / down button when there is no call or listening to music
Through the programmed shortcuts in the two headsets, using Jabra headphones is simple and easy. This is suitable for all subjects, especially those who are busy, needing speed.

Address to buy reputable Jabra headphones

Jabra headphones are available on the market, you can buy this product at traditional mobile device stores, e-commerce sites like tiki, shopee, ... However, you also need to check the product. product carefully to avoid buying fake goods, fake goods, poor quality goods.

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