The X3SW IP Phone is a premium SIP phone with high definition voice, 2.4 inch 320x240 color main screen, Fast Ethernet support, 4 SIP accounts, built-in 2.4G WiFi, six-party conference calling and other rich functions; and expandable with an external EHS wireless headset. Function; can meet different enterprise application scenarios and provide high-quality user experience.
Simple and stylish appearance
- X3SW has a simple and fashionable appearance. Intuitive icon interface and user-friendly UI design make X3SW simple to operate, low cost of learning and easy to use.
Built-in WiFi 2.4G
- The X3SW is integrated with 2.4G WiFi and supports wireless networking, allowing users to have more choices in network connection methods and enjoy a wireless office.
Support 6 party calls
- The conference organizer can invite up to 5 participants to the conference call to achieve effective cooperation between internal and external businesses and greatly improve communication efficiency.
HD audio calls
- Equipped with high-definition sound quality handle, built-in high-definition speaker, supports G.722 and Opus wideband audio decoding, effectively reduces noise and provides a high-definition audio communication experience ideal height.
Simple and effective expansion
- Using DSS key mode, each DSS key can be set to Line / BLF / speed dial extension etc., which can be activated by one key after the function is changed according to the configuration; many kinds of functions can be configured on the web.
Rich collaboration apps
- Supports EHS wireless headset connection via EHS adapter. Allows you to handle other tasks while on the phone, improving work efficiency, suitable for many different office contexts.
Product highlights
· 4 SIP lines
· Built-in 2.4GHz WiFi
2.4” main color display
· HD audio on external speakers and handsets
· Supports EHS wireless headset connection
· Supports 6-way audio conferencing
· Stand with 2 adjustable angles 45 and 50 degrees
The Fanvil X3SW Wifi IP Phone is ideal for large corporate spaces, and cost-effective small and medium businesses. Fanvil X3SW excellent voice quality, rich feature set and of course attractive price.