GTC TECH can provide a wide range of audio solutions for playback and recording. It's about providing the best equipment from high quality brands and the latest in audio technology to our customers to help them get their message across in a better way to their employees and customers. .
What is the top reason for an IP address sound solution?
GTC TECH partners with the world's leading audio system manufacturers to deliver high-quality audio solutions, from portable audio solutions to the most complex permanent installation sound systems for audiences. rooms and meeting rooms. They also include voice and media over IP, DSP audio processing, audio conferencing and presentations, distribution and networking, voting and delegate systems, home automation systems, and solutions. Fixed sound for the whole building.
Choosing the right audio technology requires a lot of experience and attention to detail. Let our consultants advise you in choosing the ideal audio technology for your event, factory, office....
Conference Audio Solutions
- Audio conference is a communication over distance between three or more parties in which audio is transmitted in real time. With Audio Conferencing, you can unify your meeting solutions and reduce complexity while allowing employees to attend meetings by phone wherever they are. GTC TECH can provide IP conference phones with omnidirectional microphones that can provide high quality audio, so trust GTC TECH to choose the right phone for your workspace
Public address system
- Public address system is a system consisting of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and related equipment. It increases the volume of a human voice, musical instrument or other sound source or recorded sound. PA systems are used in any public venue that requires the announcer to be sufficiently audible over a large area. GTC TECH has partnered with the best PA system technology pioneers and we are rolling out their systems across Vietnam.
Local audio conference
- GTC TECH offers powerful and flexible voting and delegate systems. With comprehensive hardware and software options, our options can suit specific needs, from city councils to global businesses. GTC TECH offers the very best in delegate sound systems, from portable wireless systems, custom tabletop units, desktop units, and integrated audio solutions to multimedia systems. convenience, ensuring solutions that fit your budget and application
Audio over IP
Audio over IP (AoIP) is the delivery of digital audio over an IP network such as the Internet. It is being used more and more to provide high quality audio feeds over long distances. GTC TECH's wide range of versatile audio over IP technologies with expert technicians combined to deliver the best fit for optimal performance and value for corporations and institutions. , retailers, museums, airports, leading hotels and restaurants, utilities, healthcare and educational facilities.
Recording solution
- Our wide range of recording solutions give you everything you need. So trust our experts in choosing the right recording technology for your needs. We partner with the world's pioneers in the best recording technologies whether mobile or stationary.
Sound processing
- GTC TECH specializes in providing better soundproofing wall, ceiling and floor materials. Today, GTC TECH takes great pride in offering a full line of audio products based on the principle of “cost effective/excellent quality”.
Ready to upgrade your old Analog system?
- It can be difficult to know whether to replace an old analog system, especially if you've invested a lot in equipment. Things are further complicated by the fact that it is now possible to combine existing analog systems with new technology so that they can perform the function of network audio devices.
So, before you take apart and replace your old system and invest in a new commercial audio system, you need to consider the differences, pros and cons of network and analog audio – and how You can decide what is the best solution for you.
The IP address sound solution meets the needs for different types of announcements and updates in environments such as schools, retail stores, hotels and public buildings. Customers can take advantage of existing infrastructure that avoids expensive cabling and makes system installation quick, economical, and scalable

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ZYCOO IP Audio Solution

The Audio over IP solution has become more popular these days, so by introducing features like contact closure, forwarding, event management, scheduling, priority management. Zycoo IP audio system for broadcast quality. If you need to distribute audio in your company over an IP network, the Zycoo IP audio system is the best solution. Broadcast advertising messages or other IP announcements over easy distance with our wide range of products