Jabra GN1200 CC headset cable

Jabra GN1200 CC headset cable

Jabra GN1200 CC headphone cable quick disconnect with RJ9 - 2m jack. Jabra GN1200 CC connection cable enhances the sound of Contact Center wired Jabra headsets
- Simple 8 position slide adjustment
- Standard RJ9 connector
- Standard GN Quick Disconnect plug into the headset
- 80 cm twisted rope or 200 cm . light coiled wire
- Built-in low-current microphone amplifier

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Jabra GN1200 CC Headphone Cable is the ideal solution to the chaotic problem of not being able to connect your headset and phone. This headset cable features eight microphone volume settings to ensure that the volume of all outgoing calls stays at the same user-defined comfort level.
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Jabra GN1200 CC is a versatile cord for connecting a variety of headsets to desk phones. Standardized QD (Quick Disconnect) jack will fit most headsets, while there's an RJ9 connector for most desk phones
- Universal cable for desk phone
- 8 position switch configurator
- Jabra GN Netcom QD (Quick Disconnect) jack to fit most headsets
- RJ9 connector to fit most desk phones including IP hard phones
- Cable length: 2m
The Jabra GN1200 CC Headset Cable is the solution to a common problem faced by many modern professionals, which is not being able to connect your headset and phone. Jabra GN1200 CC headset cable overcomes this problem with a versatile 'smart' cord that provides compatibility with most phones for enhanced convenience and responsiveness
The Jabra GN1200 CC Connector Cable connects the Jabra QuickDisconnect (QD) headset to an IP phone with an RJ9/RJ10/RJ22 connector. When used in conjunction with Yealink brand phones, the booster in the cable must be located in 8 positions