Jabra GN1200 Connector Cable

Jabra GN1200 Connector Cable

Jabra GN1200 audio processor cord makes it possible to connect virtually any desk phone to Jabra wired headsets
- GN1200 connection cable, twisted form.
- Connection type: RJ9 and USB
- Can be used with all IP phones from Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Acatel...
- This device does not support Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
- Works with traditional desk phones

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Jabra GN1200 cable is the solution to the common problem of not being able to connect headphones and phones. Although most of your devices are standardized, cables that connect your phone to a handset or headset and anything but standard because each phone manufacturer has its own cable code mine. Now, with the versatile “smart” cord, Jabra GN1200, it will work with almost any phone for added convenience.
- Works with most desk phones including IP hard phones
- Amplify the microphone to increase transmission when connecting to a low transmission volume phone system
- Simple slide adjustment for easy setup
When connecting a new headset, the dial tone is not always heard. The problem could be the headset or the phone. But most likely it's the rope. Although the headset and the phone may be compatible via the USB jack or the RJ Jack, the electrical wiring is determined by the individual phone manufacturer.
The Jabra GN1200 has eight separate wiring diagrams - three of which have built-in microphone amplification. Simply connect the Jabra GN1200 cable and headphones via the Quick Disconnect Jack and swipe the slider from one position to the next until you hear a dial tone. It's as simple as that!
Available in both straight and coil versions, the Jabra GN1200 fits virtually all phones with a standard RJ9 module connection.