jabra Ninja Duo USB

jabra Ninja Duo USB

Jabra Ninja Duo USB headphones have high noise cancellation, the boom microphone can be bent and foldable. In addition, it also offers all the essential features of jabra headsets. Jabra Ninja Duo USB ensures your conversation is always heard and is ideal for businesses with lots of sales staff.

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Jabra Ninja Duo USB headset is a simple, flexible, suitable and comfortable model for users to wear all day long. Let's find out more information in the article below.

Why choose Jabra Ninja Duo USB headset
Jabra Ninja Duo USB Headset with high anti-loss dual ear headphones, comfortable to use all day with secure ear cushions. Jabra Ninja Duo USB standard USB is one of the best noise-canceling, noise-canceling, soundproof headphones line today and the price is right for users.

- Are headphones with Micro

- Easy to install

Flexible and compact design

- Eliminate background noise.

- Connect directly to the computer via USB

- Integrated mute / unmute function right on your headset

- Integrated high hearing protection technology

The most notable thing in the Jabra Ninja Duo USB switchboard headset has better sound, higher active noise cancellation. This is also the difference that other headphones of the same model do not have is that many employees, telephones, telesales ... satisfied when using them for a long time.

Jabra Ninja Duo USB gives you a better conversation quality experience, more advanced features, and the ability to easily adjust the volume right on these convenient headphones, allowing wearer to use. easily.

Outstanding features of the usb duo ninja headset
- Ninja Duo USB are Jabra wired headphones that use PeakStop ™ technology to protect your ears from harmful sounds.

Jabra Ninja Duo USB provides high quality binaural HD Voice audio

- Soft, gentle ear cushions create a cool feeling for the ears and are comfortable for users all day long

- The microphone has the ability to eliminate noise, shock, and filter noise around your working environment. In addition, it also helps to make your conversation more effective. Information is always best conveyed.

- The boom microphone can be easily adjusted to your liking

- You can customize the microphone boom to suit you, thanks to its seamless design and integrated into the headset. When you don't want to listen to the phone you can pull up the mic lever for relaxing music.

- Use for Deskphone, Softphone

GTC Telecom is the ideal Jabra headset provider for you to choose genuine headphones that many businesses have chosen. Besides, the Jabra Ninja Duo USB headset gives users the best feeling of quality as well as high-class sound.