jabra ninja QD Duo

jabra ninja QD Duo

Jabra Ninja Duo QD headphones are earphones specially designed for the needs of call centers or customer care systems. Jabra Ninja Duo QD is a 2-ear earphone, noise-canceling microphone, with hearing protection technologies, durable and lightweight design, fast connection, ideal for businesses to choose to use.

Mã Product: ninja-QD-Duo

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Ngừng sản xuất

825,000đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
Quý khách để lại số điện thoại chúng tôi sẽ gọi lại ngay.
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Jabra Ninja Duo QD headphones are a professional input headset, with all the essential features of the Jabra brand's Call center headphones. Let's learn more about this product line with GTC Telecom.

Why choose Jabra Ninja Duo QD headphones
The Jabra Ninja Duo QD headphones are professionally designed to facilitate chats, so you can do so over an internet phone (VoIP) connection. This is supported by a microphone equipped with advanced noise canceling technology to eliminate background noise and also reduce high frequency sounds. That way, you can still speak and be heard clearly by the other person even if the office is busy.

- Relatively light design standard for QD connection

- Easy call management

- Passive noise-canceling microphone

Jabra Ninja Dua QD headphones offer high durability and finish. With a highly efficient noise-canceling microphone, these are ideal for those looking for quality sound without interference from outside audio. It has an adjustable control knob and a reversible microphone body for added comfort, leather ear protectors and PVC tiara liner, preventing allergies.

Features of the jabra Ninja Duo QD headset
This PBX headset is professionally used for Call Center Call Centers

This telesale headset does NOT connect directly to any phone, it requires a QD Quick Disconnect Cable with a specific connector for your phone.

- PVC coated steel headband

Adjustable monophonic headset with removable foam protector

- The ambient noise canceler on the microphone

Flexible (semi-rigid) and switchable (300 °) shaft microphone

Comfortable and resisting head support

- Compatible with JABRA IP Phones and different models on the market

Flexible articulated arm: The articulated arm seamlessly integrates into the headband to ensure it's customized for your comfort. Only wave when you're on a call. Light weight, solid design, light and powerful, Jabra's Ninja Duo QD is designed to be worn all day.

Features of Jabra Ninja Duo QD headset
Jabra Ninja is a professional headphone jack, full of essentials.

- Noise canceling microphone eliminates any background noise.

The arm has a perfect integration with the arch to ensure a comfortable fit.

- Just swipe it up when not connected.

Light and powerful, the Jabra Ninja Duo QD is designed to be worn all day.

Adjustable microphone and bow lever ensure the perfect fit for you.

- Jabra Ninja Duo QD incorporates lightning protection with PeakStop ™ technology.

Jabra Ninja Duo QD is made for QD with a design that is both light and strong.

- Simplicity and comfort in a single solution.

Jabra Ninja Duo QD Headset is a professional headset that provides all the necessary features of a jabra headset. There's a Noise Canceling Microphone that eliminates any background noise, ensuring your conversations are heard at all times.