jabra ninja QD Mono

jabra ninja QD Mono

Jabra Ninja Mono QD Headphone is a standard 1-ear headset that connects QD and connects to the phone via an adapter cable, Support Noise Cancellation (NC) - High quality for conversations. Jabra Ninja Mono QD is compatible with most popular customer care systems.

Mã Product: ninja-QD

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Ngừng sản xuất

669,900đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
Quý khách để lại số điện thoại chúng tôi sẽ gọi lại ngay.
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Jabra Ninja Mono QD headphones you can easily customize the microphone, with the microphone for the best match, With a seamless design and integrated into the headband. Let's find out more information about this product with GTC Telecom.

Why choose Jabra Ninja Mono QD headphones
Jabra Ninja Mono QD headphones are simple QD-designed headphones that are both lightweight, sturdy and comfortable in a solution to wear all day. Jabra Ninja Mono QD specially designed call center headset with cap QD that supports fast connection and does not need any additional installation or software.

- Relatively light design standard for QD connection

- Easy call management

- Microphone stabilization (NC)

JABRA NINJA MONO QD integrates high-quality noise cancellation for clear calls, with foldable or foldable Micro boom, Jabra Ninja Mono QD's Speaker is designed for qd (lightweight) standard for professional headsets provides all the necessary features of jabra headsets. Noise canceling the noise-canceling microphone removes any background noise, ensuring that your conversations are heard at all times. The arm should be bent, and the arm should be seamlessly integrated into the headband to ensure that it is customized for your comfort.

With the Jabra Ninja Mono QD headset just move the software's arm up when there is no call. Light weight, robust design and built to wear all day. With the adjustable headband and microphone boom arm, you can find your perfect fit. Jabra Ninja Mono QD incorporates peakstop ™ technology to protect against audio collisions.

The standout advantage of the jabra ninja QD mono headset
+ high noise cancellation ability

The boom microphone can bend 270 degrees

+ Can be flexibly connected according to headphone standards

+ Headsets are used for Deskphone, Softphone

+ Soft foam ear cushions

+ Always keep the ears cool, guaranteed to wear throughout the day without feeling tired

HD voice quality

+ Enjoy high quality high definition audio with HD Voice for crystal clear voice.

+ Intuitive controller gives you greater call control to your liking.

With the daily workload, operators, operators or telesales have to receive many calls and the noisy working environment can easily damage your headphones in use. Jabra Ninja Mono QD headphones have been designed to be super lightweight and super durable, to make you feel comfortable, confident it ensures all day wear without fatigue.