Jabra Ninja USB Mono

Jabra Ninja USB Mono

Jabra Ninja Mono USB headset is a simple 1-ear earphone designed with simple noise cancellation, high noise filtering, and clear call quality. Jabra Ninja Mono USB is a headset that fully meets the requirements of the customer care system and businesses with a PBX system.

Mã Product: Ninja-USB-Mono

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Ngừng sản xuất

724,900đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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With Ninja Mono USB call center headset customers will have a higher quality experience. Moreover, this headset also has a wide selection of necessary equipment to serve your work.

Why choose Jabra Ninja Mono USB headset
Jabra Ninja Mono USB headset is a USB, RJ9 standard flexible connection, very hopwk for callcenter system, online customer care service. Jabra Ninja Mono USB professional headset provides the perfect solution for businesses with many employees, noisy working environment. When using this headset, your employees will feel more comfortable, and the voice quality is clearer.

Microphone reduces background noise high.

Foam ear cushions conduct heat away from the ears for clearest conversation.

- Micro boom can be bent or folded

- Use for computers via USB and IP phones of all kinds

- Integrated high hearing protection technology.

Unlike the client headphones, Jabra Ninja Mono USB is only for the operator, so noise cancellation and noise cancellation are always first priority in this Jabra Ninja Mono USB headset. You can converse with customers comfortably without worrying about background noise.

Features of the Jabra Ninja Mono USB switchboard headset
- CANCEL high noise

+ Noise canceling microphone eliminates any background noise, ensuring your conversation will always be heard.


+ The arm with perfect integration with the bow ensures a comfortable fit. Just move it up when not connected.


Light and powerful, the Jabra Ninja Mono USB is made for all-day use. With microphone hand and adjustable bow tie, it ensures the perfect fit for you.


Jabra Ninja Mono USB integrates PeakStop ™ technology to protect against sound spikes

Due to the regular work of contacting the phone of call center, telesale, business staff ... Jabra Ninja Mono USB headset is comfortably designed to help against shock, noise, high sound filter for your staff more focus, better productivity, affordable price