Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC Duo Connectivity Headset

Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC Duo Connectivity Headset

Headset Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC, Duo Connectivity is designed to connect via bluetooth and IP Phone and allowable connection distance 100m. Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC, Duo Connectivity bring wireless freedom for active users in busy and noisy environments. It is the ideal tree reliable solution for today's businesses.

Mã Product: Pro-925-BT-APAC-Duo-Connectivity

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Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC Duo Connectivity Headset has the best noise-canceling microphone suitable for crowded office environments, without worrying about voice quality and productivity.

Why choose Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC Duo Connectivity headset
Have you ever thought of one to a noise-canceling headset where you can take advantage of productivity and comfort as well as the wireless freedom it gives you when working in the office environment or working online? at home yet? Headset Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC, Duo Connectivity is designed quite simply, high quality, all in one wireless solution worth paying attention to.

- Wireless headsets that work with desk + cell phones

Talk time up to 12 hours

- 7 days waiting time

300ft wireless range

- Headphone weight: 27g

- Optimized for a crowded, noisy office environment

With Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC Headset, Duo Connectivity using 2.4Ghz wireless technology, users can communicate hands-free with distances up to 100m. In addition, users can talk for a long time without worrying about running out of battery.

Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC, Duo Connectivity Providing NFC technology that makes it easy for your Jabra to connect and interact instantly with smartphones and tablets.

Features of Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC wireless headset, Duo Connectivity
- Dual connection - Can connect with desk phones and mobile devices

- Bluetooth 4.0 keeps two Bluetooth connections at the same time

- Up to 8 devices can be paired

- Integrated NFC for instant pairing

Up to 12 hours talk time and 7 days standby time

Ranges up to 100 meters (300 ft.)

Comfortable overhead headband with one-ear hood (mono); Optional ear hook accessories for additional over-the-ear styles

DSP optimizes voice and music and eliminates echo

Up to 4 headsets can be combined into one stand at a time for conference calls

- Fixed lever with noise-canceling microphone

- Battery status indicator

- Mute

- To connect directly to a landline phone, Jabra PRO 925 requires Jabra GN1000 Remote Telephone Lift cord or Electronic Hook Switch cord for remote answer / end.

Features of phone headset Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC, Duo Connectivity

Crystal clear sound: Digital signal processing (DSP) to reduce background noise and eliminate echo. It also protects the user against sudden high sounds.

HD Voice / Broadband Audio: HD Voice lets you have lifelike conversations. You won't have to struggle to listen to what the other person is saying.

Jabra software applications: You can customize your settings using Jabra software applications. You can fully integrate and control calls remotely with the latest VoIP soft phones.

- Noise canceling microphone: An anti-noise, noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise around you while talking and is ideal for working environments in noisy, crowded places.

- Remote call control: You can control calls directly from the headset. Answer and end calls, adjust volume (loud, small) and mute the line with the touch of a button.

- Speak comfortably: Find the perfect fit with a variety of ergonomically designed lightweight frames, soft ear cushions, adjustable headband and microphone lever. With your headphones on, you'll feel more comfortable all day long at work.

Jabra Pro 925 BT APAC Duo Connectivity headset is the product line very suitable for callcenter office of businesses. Contact GTC Telecom immediately to get the best price.