Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Headset

Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Headset

Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Headset is a Bluetooth wireless USB headset with a desk phone stand in a crowded, noisy office school. Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity headset with high noise cancellation microphone, talk time up to 12 hours, wireless range up to 300ft and remote call answering are perfect for businesses looking to improve productivity. results of work.

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Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity headphones can also be used for 'hot desking' so they can be connected to any other Jabra PRO 925 stand in the office. Call center Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Headset There are five LEDs on the base to provide handy visual cues for battery life, call status and other events.

Why choose Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity headset
Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity headset connects to your desk phone as well as your Bluetooth devices and lets you stay connected. Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Headset can pair up to eight Bluetooth devices and can connect to two devices at the same time, so you can switch right from mobile phone call to video chat on my tablet.

- Wireless headsets for Desk + Cell Phones

- Dect 2G4 wireless technology

- Ideal for businesses with large numbers of employees.

- Bluetooth 4.0 with Near Field Communication (NFC)

- 100m wireless range

- Talk time 12 hours

- Support 4-way conference

Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Headset with Bluetooth Class 1 technology, you can talk hands-free up to 100 meters / 300 feet for your desk phone, mobile phone or tablet. In addition, you easily design notes and interact instantly without requiring more than a simple touch.

Features of headset Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity
- Dual connection technology allows you to make calls from many different devices with just one headset.

- Compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones and tablets

Headbands only (ear hook, neck strap are optional)

Near Field Communication (NFC) makes it easy for your Jabra device to connect and interact instantly with phones, tablets and interactive tags.

Bluetooth Class 1 (Wireless range up to 300ft. Multitask with maximum efficiency and control your calls from anywhere in the office.

Talk time up to 12 hours. 7 days waiting time.

Noise-canceling microphone reduces unwanted background noise and is ideal in crowded and noisy open office environments.

- Wide range sound. High quality audio for clear chats

Separate call control button ensures intuitive call handling.

Automatic sleep function with Energy Saving selectable when headphones are left idle for a longer period of time.

- Bluetooth version 4.0

Digital Signal Processing Technology Hear and hear clearer with digitally enhanced voice.

Headphone weight: only 27g

Selectable Range Settings Adjust range settings to optimize for high-density environments.

- The headset automatically adjusts power consumption and the base unit is optimized for low power consumption.

- Voice guidance Setting up your headphones has never been easier. Users are guided step by step by voice prompt.

- Conference mode Up to four Jabra PRO 925 headsets can be paired with one stand to make a conference call.

- Battery status indicator The battery icon on the stand allows the user to know the battery is charging and when the battery is low.

- Security: encryption between the headset and the secure Conversation stand. Make sure no one can hear in.

Jabra Pro 925 Dual Connectivity Headset provides businesses and PBX staff with a professional, reliable wireless communication solution.