Jabra Speak2 40 Conference Speaker

Jabra Speak2 40 Conference Speaker

The Jabra Speak2 40 is a full duplex audio recorder, ideal for online meetings, conferencing, and more. Voice equalizer automatically adjusts the volume of all participants
- Connect USB-A and USB-C on the same cable
- 4 built-in beamforming microphones
- 360° microphone receiver with range up to 2.3m
- Eliminate background noise and echo
- Normalize voice level
- Full duplex audio for natural virtual conversation

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The Jabra Speak2 40 conference speaker is a wired model with two USB-A and USB-C connectors so you can use it with any laptop and its compact size makes it easy to carry. Jabra Speak2 40 has 2 modules including Jabra Speak2 40 UC and Jabra Speak2 40 MS Teams that not only bring a luxurious look but also improve the sound quality.
This 40-speaker, plug-and-play button Jabra Speak2 delivers advanced full-duplex audio to maintain a natural conversational flow. The Jabra Speak2 40 portable speaker lets you hear every nuance of everyone's voice.
Plug & Play Speakers for PC
- Outstanding sound quality
- 50mm full range speaker and full range sound
- Upgraded 4-microphone technology
- Brand new voice level normalization
- IP64 . dust & water resistant
- Premium mobile design
- Integrated USB-C & USB-A
- Certified for major online meeting platforms
The Speak2 40 is a USB external speaker designed for use with the widest range of communication platforms. It has a USB-C cable to connect to a USB-A adapter, so you can use it with either USB type available. Intuitive capacitive buttons on the bezel of the speakerphone make it simple to use. The speakerphone is built for long-term durability, meeting the IP64 rating, making it highly portable.
Wherever you go
- Or the living room. Or your coffee table. Or the funny little table behind the seat in front of you in an empty carriage. Basically, wherever you need to hold a meeting, Speak2 40 is there.
- jabra Speak2 40 engineered the next generation of the world's leading loudspeaker* with full duplex sound, advanced microphone technology and advanced speakers, to help you do the mixing work that suits you .
The power of sound does not interrupt
- When is a conversation not a conversation? When one person speaks on speakerphone not allowing equal contributions.
The Speak2 40 loudspeaker is our first specifically designed and engineered for full-duplex audio, allowing everyone to speak and be heard at the same time. Maintain the natural flow of live chats and make virtual collaboration easier. The power to not be interrupted is in your hands. Speak2 40 is widely used.
Improved MICROPHONE technology
- You want to hear what your co-workers are saying, not the creaking of their chairs or the hum of Fred's dying computer. That's why the next generation of the world's leading Jabra Speak2 40* has more microphones than ever before. Exactly four.
These ultra-advanced beam-forming, noise-cancelling microphones pick up sound from all directions, expertly filtering out creaking chairs and noisy computers, so when your boss says, “great work. good", you won't miss.
All voices are normalized
- From quiet thinkers to loud thinkers, everyone on your team deserves to be heard. So we guarantee they will, with our revolutionary new Voice Level Normalization.
- This advanced voice technology equalizes all voices at the same volume level, so everyone is free to express themselves in the most natural way and without the need to constantly adjust the volume. .
Exceptional sound quality
- We're rounding out the personal speakerphone rulebook with our latest addition to the world-leading Speak2 40.* This powerful speakerphone will take care of every nuance of what you're talking about. speak loud and clear.
- Our 50mm full-range speakers and wideband audio capture and broadcast sound across a wide range of frequencies, delivering big, beautiful, room-filling sound that wows everyone. All you need to do is deliver to your place.