Jabra Speak2 55 conference speaker

Jabra Speak2 55 conference speaker

The Jabra Speak2 55 conference speaker easily connects via USB or Bluetooth for audio and video conferencing with outstanding sound quality.
- Bluetooth and USB speakerphone
- USB-A & USB-C connectivity
- 4 microphones with 360° . recording
- Reduce background noise and balance voice level
- 2.3m (7.55ft) audio pickup range
- Full duplex audio
- Broadband audio
- 12 hours battery life
- Ideal for combined work

Mã Product: Speak2 55

Bảo hành: 24 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Jabra Speak2 55 personal conferencing solutions for collaborative work. The Jabra Speak2 55 conference speaker fits into any pocket and is ideal for meetings from away or changing workplaces, as well as for business trips.
Can I connect to Jabra Speak2 55 using both USB-A/C and bluetooth?
Jabra Speak2 Conference Speaker 55 Plug-and-play connectivity and meetings with guaranteed superior voice transmission. Jabra Speak2 55 includes Jabra Speak2 55 MS Teams and Jabra Speak2 55 UC modules
- Large 50 mm full-range speaker and full-range sound
- USB and Bluetooth conference speaker and microphone
- Perfect for remote working and small group meetings
- Connect via Bluetooth 5.1 wirelessly
- 12 hours battery life
- USB Plug & Play connectivity from PC and Mac
- Microphone for recording 360°
- Comfortable listening thanks to acoustic echo cancellation
- Reduce background noise and balance voice level
The Speak2 55 features Jabra's brand new "full duplex audio" engineering solution. The Jabra Speak2 55 conference speaker has a concept design that allows everyone to be heard, even when overlapping.
Speaker setup is easy. If you connect the device to a laptop, the Jabra Speak2 55 conference speaker will be recognized quickly, optional Bluetooth 5.1 connection. In addition, Jabra Speak2 55 can connect a total of 8 devices, two connections are operated simultaneously so you can seamlessly switch between laptop and phone, for example.
Advanced audio technology
- Thanks to the technologies built into Jabra Speak 2 55, communicating with your contacts remains as fluid and natural as in a live chat. You'll hear your colleagues perfectly, as if you were in the same room, and they won't miss any of your words.
- Jabra Speak 2 55 features 4 powerful microphones that capture 360° sound and reduce background noise. It also has a voice level equalizer so that every speaker is heard the same way without having to adjust the volume.
This speakerphone also features a high-performance 50mm speaker that delivers clear, natural sound throughout the room.
- Voice is very important in meetings, background noise is reduced. That's why the Speak2 55 features four advanced beamforming microphones with 360° recording, the most advanced noise cancellation technology. The Jabra Speak2 55 has a microphone that picks up voices and suppresses acoustic echoes that can cause professional feedback. So you never interrupt or miss a word