Jabra UC Voice 550 headphones are optimized for use with all leading unified communications systems. In particular, the jabra uc 550ms mono line of headphones optimized for microsoft Lync systems is more convenient to use.

Mã Product: 550MS-MONO

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

1,540,000đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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Jabra's UC Voice 550 MS Mono headset is a single-ear USB headset that is compatible with Mac and PC, optimized for plug and play compatibility with Microsoft Office Communicator and Lync

Why choose the Jabra UC Voice 550 MS Mono headset
Jabra UC Voice 550 MS Mono headphones bring your employees to enjoy a comfortable headset with a premium design. Jabra UC Voice 550 MS Mono tiche incorporates high noise cancellation to ensure the best sound for both callers and listeners no matter where the working environment is.

The headphones feature a noise-canceling microphone using the adjustable lever as well as a single ear cup with leatherette ear cushions. In-line controls let you answer, mute and end calls, and adjust your volume.

- Headset with Micro USB connection to computer

- The headset is designed to be simple, compact and easy to use

- Hi-fi sound

- The noise reduction microphone should be outstanding

- The arm arm can rotate 270 degrees

- Frequency range up to 6.8 kHz

- The volume controller has call answer / end / mute function

- Used with Softphone platform and IP phone

JABRA UC Voice 550 MS Mono is a professional quality Call center headset that you can trust to use for your voice / call center needs in your company. The UC Voice 550 MS Mono PBX headset is designed to optimize UC communication usage and can be easily used without installing additional software. Just connect plug and play this headset can be used. Can be directly connected to PC with smartphone and can be used to stream music, audio audio, for voice calls.

Headset Jabra UC Voice 550 MS Mono feature
The advantages of JABRA shown on the UC Voice 550 MS Mono call center headset can also be seen from the sound quality. With Wideband speaker / HD Voice audio frequency, the voice of the conversation from the other side can be easily and clearly heard. In addition, this headset also uses a microphone equipped with DSP technology. Your voice can also be heard clearly while speaking without echo / background noise.

The JABRA UC voice 550 MS Mono headset is suitable for companies or offices with a lot of background noise such as call centers.

The UC Voice 550 MS Mono phone headset is a cost-effective solution with Jabra's renowned high standards for sound quality, ease of use, and UC platform compatibility.

• HD Voice - High Quality HiFi Audio for Crystal Clear Chats Enjoy high definition sound with HD Voice and get clear, easy-to-understand communication

• Peak Stop - Peak Stop technology instantly removes sounds or loud sounds that may be harmful before they reach your ears and keeps the sound levels within the safest range to protect your hearing

• UC Plug-And-Play - Jabra's Smart Call Assistant lets you make calls without clicking. Built-in motion sensor technology turns on the headset when you pick it up or touch it and automatically answer a call when you place it in your ear. If you are wearing a headset, you can accept or decline calls with just your voice.

• A noise-canceling microphone reduces unwanted background noise and a noise-canceling microphone reduces unwanted background noise and is ideal in busy, noisy office environments.

• Flexible boom arm tip for optimal positioning - The Jabra UC Voice 550 MS Mono Headset features a flexible boom arm to ensure ideal microphone placement.

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