Jabra UC Voice 250 headphones

Jabra UC Voice 250 headphones

Jabra UC Voice 250 headphones are unique USB headphones with full functionality and booming microphone. You can use the headset for online TV shows, for your host or guests. Jabra UC Voice 250 can connect to laptops and smartphones. Jabra UC Voice 250 headphones are the absolute standard for businesses

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The UC Voice 250 is a portable headset designed for on-the-go employees; and is intended primarily for Skype for Business of Unified Communications users.

Why choose the UC Voice 250 headset
The Jabra UC Voice 250 headphones are the ideal choice for those who prefer a compact, close-to-ear design and those who require excellent sound quality and a stable fit. Versatile single-arm and noise-canceling microphone make this snug, stable headset ideal for professionals using UC applications on the go.

In stark contrast to the usual business headsets we touch on a daily basis - larger than head-worn devices with foam ear cushions designed for desk workers, the Jabra UC Voice 250 has the much lighter design.

- USB Plug and Play connection

- Broadband HD Voice Quality

- Noise canceling microphone

Protects against sound shock with PeakStop technology

- Compatible with all IP Softphones

Boom adjustable microphone

- Lighter weight than ear design

- Compatible with Skype for Business (SFB)

Call center headset Jabra UC Voice 250 is specially designed for unified communication. It comes with a monophonic speaker, which is very compact. This makes the headset easy to transport and is perfect for light to moderate use by professionals. The unobtrusive design is perfect for professional video conferencing, making it even feel like a face-to-face meeting.

Headphone Jabra UC Voice 250 features
Due to its unique design, the Jabra UC Voice 250 telesale headset offers outstanding comfort and users hardly notice wearing the headset because the flexible design ensures a perfect fit to the ear.

Jabra UC Voice 250 features outstandingly clear sound along with noise-canceling microphones to help eliminate background noise.

UC headsets for high mobility work

- Jabra UC Voice 250 is a portable, wired headset for offices with Unified Communications deployment. It is ideal for offices of all sizes where employees spend moderate time on the phone. The headphones work seamlessly with all major UC vendors. It's a plug-and-play solution, meaning it integrates with your existing systems with no time-consuming installation.

Users quickly accepted

- The headset's simple design also benefits the end user. Call control functions located on the headset cord are very convenient and simple and intuitive to use. The portable design means employees can easily switch their headphones from one workstation to another, or carry headphones around if they work in multiple locations. A comfortable, behind-the-ear fit also ensures that staff can wear headphones for long periods of time and still feel comfortable.

A flexible choice

Jabra UC Voice 250 provides excellent clarity for phone calls and remote conferencing, as well as for use with multimedia presentations and e-learning module. Its unobtrusive design works well with video conferencing, as it gives a more professional look.

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