Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard

Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard "Comfortable Typing" - Good Price!

Logitech's MX Keys Mini is a minimalist keyboard for creators. With the Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard, users can type on a keyboard built for stability and precision where every keystroke is fluid, natural.
- Bluetooth 5.0 . connection
- Slim & Compact Design
- Smart lighting
- Outstanding stability with very solid, perfect structure
- Works with Logi Bolt . Wireless Adapter
- Smart key
- Compatible with multiple platforms

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Logitech MX Keys Mini for Business beats every other small, travel-friendly keyboard on the market with its superb typing experience, flexible wireless pairing, and software customization. Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard is suitable for use in the office
The Logitech MX Keys Mini keyboard features a flashy design, RGB lighting, and colorful keycaps to grab your attention. The Logitech MX Keys Mini has great battery life and an enhanced feature set, and it's a go-to device for anyone currently using a laptop-style membrane wireless keyboard.
- Great typing experience.
- Easily connect up to 3 devices with Bluetooth
- Bright white backlight.
- 10 meters wireless range
- Compatible with Logi Bolt . USB-C Receiver
- Capable with most popular operating systems such as: Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS, Android, iOS
Logitech MX Keys Mini for Business elevate your workflow and comfort across multiple devices with the black Logitech MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard. Featuring an ultra-slim and lightweight design with no numeric keypad, the MX Keys Mini keyboard maximizes your screen space and is the ideal travel companion. The compact design offers improved ergonomics by allowing you to bring the mouse closer to the center of your workspace, thereby reducing strain on your arms and shoulders. At the same time, the perfectly travelled keys are designed to ensure a smooth and precise typing experience. Logitech MX Keys Mini includes a Smart Illumination backlight that automatically activates and adjusts brightness in dark environments. With Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy wireless connectivity, MX Keys Mini has near-universal compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms Windows 10, Mac, Android, iPad, and more. without USB adapter. However, you can use the Logi Bolt wireless USB receiver purchased separately with this keyboard.