Based on very successful business results over the past many years, NEC continues to believe and support GTC Tech to establish and expand its distribution network of small, medium and large switchboard systems across the country. (Nec SL2100/Nec SV9100). With the goal of deploying a nationwide level II distribution network, GTC Tech hopes to expand its supply range even more in the near future.
Nec switchboard product lines are officially distributed by Global Technology Link Joint Stock Company - GTC:
- Nec PBX system for SMB: Nec SL2100, Univerge SV9100
   + Main frame NEC SL2100 switchboard configured with 3 trunks - 8 internal subscribers, expandable to 12 Analog trunks - 32 Digital extensions
      . Built-in 04 mobile extensions Mobile Extensions.
      . Built-in Voice mail (2h storage), support 8 VoIP channels, Web Base InUC Client (Status/Messages (voice message)/Control incoming and outgoing calls)
      . Support 04 DISA auto-answer channels, upgrade up to 16 channels.
      . Video conferencing for 32 people and 4 rooms.
      . Support 02 magnetic door connection ports.
      . Hotel feature (supports up to 64 rooms).
    + Main frame NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 switchboard with 19 inch rack mount design.
      . Supports 64 License Ports.
     . Support 4 License IP Phones.
     . Support 4 License IP Trunk.
     . Integrated 4 extensions for mobile phones.
     . Built-in 4 channels of video chat via Web.
     . Built-in 6 slots for expansion cards.
     . Built-in backup power connection port
- PBX system for Enterprise: Univerge SV9300, Univerge SV9500 SE, Univerge SV9500
Smart communication solutions:
- NEC IP-DECT: integrates wireless communications without compromising voice quality, availability, and security.
- NEC Mobility & BX SCB Product
- NEC BCT Operator & BCT Contact Center: not limited to NEC communication platforms, other vendors' platforms can also be extended and enhanced with NEC IP DECT.
- NEC Web & Video Conferencing: capable of hosting multiparty web-based video conferencing without additional hardware, it is compatible with Nec SV9100 and SL2100 PBX
- NEC InApp: Diversified InApp, bringing attractive business benefits. These built-in/onboard apps work without a server
- NEC UCB; UCB is a modular solution that provides contact center, reception call handling, self-service, call & screen recording, and unified communications.
- TDM & IP Voice Recording
- CRM Integrated
Smart communication applications such as: Mobile applications, hotels, hospitals, PC Operrator, ST500 Series mobile subscribers, recording - Vclog, call center customer service...
The reason for you to choose is GTC Tech's NEC SL2100/SV9100 PBX distributor partner.
- Diverse selection of Nec PBX system for business models.
- Enterprises with a long and stable history of operation globally from 1899 until now have origin from Japan.
- Reliable product quality, meeting international standards ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485, JIS Q 9100
- Support to connect to the portal and training courses of NEC's technical staff to dealers.
- System technical support from NEC and GTC Tech experts
- Support direct sales from NEC Official Distributor SL2100/SV9100
- NEC and Distributor GTC Tech always bring better products, quality assurance as well as better service to dealers.
With many years of experience in VoIP telecommunications, GTC Tech is always confident to bring the best products and solutions for businesses and organizations... We are committed to a successful and long-term cooperation with agents nationwide with the motto "close cooperation and sustainable development"
For more information, please contact GTC Tech Hotline: 024 777 99 777 or inbox directly to GTC Tech fanpage.