NEC AT-50 Phone

NEC AT-50 Phone

The NEC AT50 analog phone features an elegant design, color, and selection of phones with a single line compatible for common areas requiring analog telephones. The NEC AT50 analog phone is a reliable choice for your voice service.
- 2x16 digit display
- Flash and radial keys
- Control phone volume
- Access directory up to 30 contacts
- Call line identification (CLI)
- Message waiting and visual ringing indicator
- Ability to operate without batteries

Mã Product: AT-50

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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The NEC AT-50 caller ID phone is a new alternative to outdated single-line telephones and is ideal for common areas that require basic but unrestricted access to telephone service. reliable. The NEC AT-50 is a single-line analog phone designed to be simple and reliable. With its sleek and ergonomic design, it offers a comfortable grip and easy-to-use functionality.
Where to buy good price NEC AT-50 desk phone?
The NEC AT50 phone is suitable for small offices, home offices, or any environment where a basic yet reliable phone is required. The NEC AT50 analog phone features a clear and sharp display for caller ID information and a user-friendly keypad for easy dialing.
• LCD display: display 2 x 16 digits
• Message waiting light (MWL) support
• Supports volume controller with handset
• Contacts access (up to 30 contacts)
• Message Waiting/Visual Ringing Indicator
• Can be used without battery
• Can be mounted on the wall
• Available in black and white
The NEC AT-50 provides essential calling features such as call waiting, hold, and redial, ensuring efficient communication. With simple setup and intuitive interface, the NEC AT50 analog phone is a practical choice for those looking for a simple and reliable telecommunications solution.
The NEC AT50 analog phone comes packed with cutting-edge features for this corded phone, and functions are ideally suited for corporate and institutional environments that require basic telephony services such as corridors, reception desks, meeting rooms, university dorm rooms, etc. In addition, the NEC AT50 phone offers caller ID, speakerphone support, 10 speed dial buttons, built-in mute and redial keys, and more.
Basic features of the NEC AT50 phone
- Equipped with an LCD Display, this phone features a date and time display as well as a call duration timer.
- Caller ID with review, delete and callback capabilities along with automatic backbone access code insertion.
- Incoming call indicator and message waiting light provide visual notification of calls.
- 3-level volume control switch
- Three-level handset volume switch
- Dial mode switch allows users to switch between DTMF and DP tones on the fly.
Equipped with 7 dedicated feature keys, the NEC AT-50 Basic Analog Single Line Phone makes it easier to stay connected.
- Callback Memory (10 Numbers)