NEC DT400 phone

NEC DT400 - NEC DT400 desk phone "with LCD display", Good quality

The NEC DT400 Series digital desktop phones were developed for the NEC SV9000 Series Communication Platform, providing crystal-clear communications and an exceptional value. The NEC DT400 phone is the best fit for your employee role.
- LCD screen
- 2, 6, 24 or 32 programmable keys
- Hands-free, full duplex
- Headphone support, optional support for EHS
- Soft keys / prompts on LCD screen
- Optional Bluetooth Connector Adapter (BCA-Z) support

Mã Product: DT400

Bảo hành: 24 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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This innovative NEC DT400 Series desktop phone can be easily customized to meet the specific communication needs of your employees. The NEC DT400 Series phones support a wide range of applications to help improve employee efficiency and productivity. NEC DT400 Series display phones come standard with visually impaired features such as audio keystroke feedback and large character display.
NEC's DT400 Series desktop phones have the answers to countless communication problems. With a range of customizable features, these phones are flexible, easy to use and provide you with investment protection.
- Wide choice of screen sizes – from no screen, single, dual and touch
- Gray or full color screen
- Choose models that come in both black and white
- Programmable button range from 2 to 24
- Add-ons allow to add 8 or 60 more buttons
- Wideband audio
- Full duplex high quality hands-free
- Can be pasted on the wall
- Adjustable stand with 5 levels of adjustment
- Intuitive menus
- Easy to use
- Easy to deploy with centralized configuration
- Optional Bluetooth adapter allows answering mobile phone calls with the desk phone handle
The NEC DT400 Series phones are elegantly designed and packed with features, these phones have an intuitive interface that improves the overall user experience and empowers your team. Supported on NEC UNIVERGE SV9000 and SV8000 . media platforms