NEC DT920 IP Phone

NEC DT920 "all-in-one" IP Phone - Good Quality, Low Cost!

The NEC DT920 is a cost-effective IP desk phone with high quality call audio. The NEC DT920 IP Phone is easily customized to fit user and business requirements
- NEC VoIP multifunction phone for NEC SL2100 . PBX
- 3.5 inch LCD screen
- Supports Gigabit Ethernet
- Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone
- Supports 8 programmable keys displayed at the same time (Upgradable up to 32)
- 5-step adjustable stand
- Support headset, support EHS
- 7-color call indicator LED (MW)

Mã Product: DT920

Bảo hành: 24 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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The NEC DT920 is suitable for your business communications be it pure IP or any combination of IP and digital. NEC DT920 Phone Suitable for almost any business environment.
Why use NEC DT920 self-labeling for business?
The NEC DT920 IP phone is a cost-effective choice for the standard business user as well as an excellent choice for use in building lobbies, public spaces and contact centers.
- 3.5 inch backlit LCD color screen
- 320x240 . resolution
- Virtual line upgrade support from 8 to 16 to 32 (via optional license)
- Adjustable stand with 5 steps
- Extended size 7-color (MW) call indicator LED
- Support RJ9 port headset, optional EHS support
- Support RJ9 Jack headset, support optional EHS
- Soft key / LCD prompt
- Navigation cursor & folder dial key
- Wideband audio support
- Can be pasted on the wall
The 8-button self-labeling NEC DT920 phone can be upgraded to 32 line nodes, ideal for almost any work environment; in fact, desktop phones using the NEC DT920 standard can be upgraded to support more extensions and networking, making them both business and call center friendly.
The NEC DT920 is the better way to upgrade your phone in the field, with software upgradability.