NEC IP Phone DT930 12-button

NEC IP Phone DT930 12-button

The NEC DT930 12-button isn't just a desktop IP phone for those looking for power. The NEC DT930 12-button phone can be easily converted into a highly flexible PBX
- 4.3" full color LCD screen
- 12 keys (32 with 8LK key extender)
- Backlit LCD display and keyboard
- Standard button layout
- Multi-color MWI
- Hands-free, full duplex
- Adjustable stand - 5 steps
- Can encrypt VoIP
- Can be hung on the wall

Mã Product: DT930 12-button

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NEC's innovative desktop IP phone DT930 12-button can help you increase functionality and functionality through application support and phone personalization. The NEC DT930 12-button IP phone is a business communication hub evolved to meet the needs of today's users.
Can I extend the range of the NEC DT930 12-button voice and data network?
The NEC DT930 12-button phone has the ability to flexibly deploy a wide range of applications to improve the overall productivity of employees according to communication needs.
- 4.3" full-color LCD display and backlit keyboard
- 12 programmable keys (with 8LK key extender)
- Standard button layout
- Multi-color MWI lights
- Hands-free, full-duplex transmission
- There are 5 steps to adjust the stand
- Handset support, optional EHS support
- Navigate the dial pointer by folder
- Soft keys/reminders on LCD screen
- 7-color customizable message carrier indicator
- Supports 10/100/1G Ethernet Ethernet network
- Wideband audio support
- Supports VoIP encryption
- Can be wall mounted
The NEC DT930 12-button IP phone provides your employees with flexible, easy, and secure communication while providing most of the features and functionality of a desktop phone, with innovative and third-party integrations. The NEC DT930 12-button provides your business with the right communication tools for a top-notch multimedia user experience.
Outstanding features of the NEC DT930 12-button phone
- WIRELESS HEADPHONE ADVERTISEMENT: Either via USB, Bluetooth, EHS support allows easy connection to wireless headphones.
   + Quickly look up contacts in the phonebook with the alphabet keyboard.
   + Quick access users to easily reach the people they need like: Searchable directory, Caller ID
   External speakers and handsets can deliver ultra-wideband audio technology for superior HD voice quality.
   Sound design is an art form, using some of the world's most advanced sound quality engineering tools.
- XML Open Interface Support on IP Phones: Create a platform for your developers to create visible and accessible applications specific to your business.
    + Enables integration with productivity tools like calendar links, wall panel functionality, call folders and more
- Advanced apps: Enable your employees to be more productive and improve customer service.
    + Voicemail, ACD and customer information – Other costs can be reduced
    Hotdesking – Users can log in to any IP phone on the enterprise network – reducing hardware and space costs
- STAND ADJUSTABLE: 5 levels of adjustment - Built-in wall mount.
- HIGH QUALITY PHONE: Slim line phones increase the comfort of talking.
- LIVE & INTERACTIVE NAVIGATION: All models offer the intuitive and interactive navigation of NEC's expert communication features. Interactive or touch keys: The choice is yours.
HOTDESKING: Allows several employees to share handsets and desk space, reducing costs.
- SECURITY: The NEC DT930 12-button uses secure encryption technology such as TLS and SRTP to protect calls and accounts.
- Integrate POE/POE+: To power the device and provide the device to connect to the network.
- FLEXIBLE WITH MORE MODULES: Add functions and direct dial buttons. 8 and 60 additional line key options turn your phone into a PBX.