Nec IP7WW-8IPLD-C1 TEL VoIP omnidirectional phone for Nec SL2100 PBX. The IP7WW-8IPLD-C1 Nec IP Phone features an innovative design, maximum deployment flexibility, and multiple options to meet any business requirement.
- 168 x 128 Backlit screen
- Supports Gigabit Ethernet speed
- Supports 12 programmable function keys with LEDs (Can be up to 32)
- Two-color LED light for incoming calls
- Supported via POE
- 8 selectable ring tones

Mã Product: IP7WW-8IPLD-C1 TEL

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NEC IP7WW-8IPLD-C1 IP TEL (BK) phone system for PABX Model SL2100 Dedicated to use without Licenc SIP Ext.
- Supports 12 programmable function keys with LEDs
- 4 flexible buttons with on-screen status indicator
- Display screen 168 x 128 dots (6 lines), backlit
- Semi-duplex speakerphone
- Call indicator light
- Built-in wall mount kit
- Adjustable tilt angle: 2 positions
- Two 10/100/100 Mbit Ethernet ports
- IEEE802.3af . PoE power supply only
- CODEC: G.711 / G.729
- Customizable to meet employee specific communication needs
- Supports a wide range of features that can help improve overall employee efficiency and productivity
- Offers deployment flexibility and maximum investment protection
- Easy-to-use intuitive interface and interactive user guide
- No additional license required when connecting to Nec PBX SL2100