NEC IP7WW-12TXH-A1 TEL  phone

NEC IP7WW-12TXH-A1 TEL 24-key programmable phone for NEC SL2100

NEC IP7WW-12TXH-A1 TEL programmable phone beautifully designed, easy to use, intuitive interface for switchboard programming, for reception... Nec 12TXH-A1 TEL(BK) is designed for system NEC switchboard SL2100
– LCD display screen 16 characters x 2 lines.
– 12 keys to monitor trunks and extensions, with red and green indicator lights.
– 4 quick call keys…
- 2 steps to adjust the viewing angle.
- Speaker-Phone 2-way speaker function.
- Can be desktop or wall mounted.

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NEC IP7WW-12TXH-A1 TEL (BK) 12 Keys can be tailored to your individual requirements. NEC SL2100 IP7WW-12TXH-A1 TEL is designed as a Hybrid (4W) by connecting it to a Hybrid Expansion Gateway where the Hybrid Expansion Gateway will power the device and be compatible with the PBX NEC SL2100
• LCD display 16 characters x 2 lines of letters and numbers
• 12 programmable keys with dual color LEDs
• Hands-free speakerphone
• Cursor key for redial, contacts function, call history and volume control
• Ringer volume control
• Call / message waiting light
• Navigation key to access the menu
• Two-step height adjustment
• DND / Conference feature key
• Flash key
• Hold the key
• Mute key (Microphone)
• Auto dialing / Storage key
• Transfer key
• Adjustable viewing angle (2 steps)
• Headphone support
• Dimensions: 181x168x221 mm
• Weight: 0.82 kg
The Nec IP7WW-12TXH-A1 programmable phone also supports call transfer, call hold, line transfer, DND and call history, and also supports PoE capability with IEEE 802.3af Class 1 standard

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