Nec Phone IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL(BK)

Nec Phone IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL(BK)

24-key (4-wire) IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL(BK) programmable phone with dual color LED for high efficiency, duplex speakerphone and connected for NEC SL2100 PBX
– LCD display screen 16 characters x 2 lines.
– 24 keys to monitor trunks and extensions, with red and green indicator lights.
– 4 programmable Soft Key quick call keys
– Incoming call indicator light.
- 2 steps to adjust the viewing angle.
Speaker-Phone 2-way speaker function.
- Can be desktop or wall mounted.

Mã Product: IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL(BK)

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Nec IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL exclusive phone designed for NEC SL2100 Smart Communication System. Nec IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL is a simple yet reliable desk phone. The Nec IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL programmable phone is equipped with a 16 character 2-line LCD display, user-friendly feature buttons and 24 flexible programmable keys with dual color LEDs for efficient operation. high. Built-in microphone and speaker provide quality hands-free operation
• Black
• Connect to: Hybrid Expansion Port
• Programmable keys: 24 keys
• LCD display: 16 digits x 2 lines
• Hands-free: Double-sided selling
• Backlit dial pad: No
• Headphone port: No
• Angle adjustment: 2 steps
• Wall mount kit: Built-in
• Support EHS wireless headset adapter
- Accessories: 60-button DSS console
Built-in features
- Adjustable angle (2 steps)
- Programmable keys with lights
- Navigation keys
- Semi-duplex speakerphone
- 100 personal contact numbers
- Built-in wall mount kit
- Dual color call indicator
- 8 selectable ring tones
- Energy-saving sleep mode
The Nec IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL (Black) 24-charge polyline phone provides the everyday features required from a desk phone.
The Nec IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL phone uses four wires or two pairs of wires to control the internal line. In this type of office phone, a combination of two types of audio signals and zero digital signals and one is used to transmit information. IP7WW-24TXH-A1 TEL (BK) telephone is used for internal combined use of Nec SL2100 PBX