NEC SL2100 (3Co-16 Ext) switchboard

NEC switchboard SL2100(3 Trunks-16 Extensions) - Quality, Good price

 NEC SL2100 (3Co-16 Ext) switchboard includes 3 trunks and 16 analog extensions. NEC SL2100 3Co-16 Ext has very flexible configuration, and optimal scalability, suitable for a full range of business models.
- 01 IP7WW-4KSU-C1 switchboard frame,
- 01 IP7WW-CPU-C1 CPU card,
- 01 card with 3 trunks and 8 mixed extensions IP7WW-308U-A1,
- 01 card with 8 mixed extensions IP7WW-008U-C1

Mã Product: SL2100 3Co-16 Ext

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The Nec SL2100 switchboard with 3C0-16EXT configuration provides a convenient communication solution for businesses. The NEC SL2100 3 trunk-16 extension switch with voice over IP (VoIP), mobility, and enterprise-class Unified Communications and C (UC&C) features.
Combined with value-added features such as Smartphone Integration and Web-based Collaboration & Video Conferencing, the SL2100 is the ideal choice for businesses. small and medium-sized service-oriented.
NEC SL2100 3CO-16 ext+Disply Hybrid phone :
- 1 IP7WW-4KSU-C1 PBX main frame,
- 1 CPU card IP7WW-CPU-C1,
- 01 card 3 trunks-8 extensions (Analog-Digital-IP) mixed IP7WW-308U-A1,
- 01 card of 8 extensions (Analog-Digital-IP) for IP7WW-008U-C1.
The NEC SL2100 3 trunks - 16 extensions offer a range of additional Smart Mobility options, such as Remote/Home Office Support, Smartphone SIP App and Mobile Extensions .
Analog PBX NEC SL2100: 3 trunks(CO)-16 extensions(Ext)
- The chassis is designed to be wall mounted, supporting the front and rear card plugging without removing the cover.
– 4 internal and external expansion card slots, 01 separate CPU/EXIFE slot.
– Extend up to 3 Chassis chassis (1 Main and 2 Sub Chassis) by Connecting to Bus..
– Support IP operation, with VoIP, Voice Mail, There are 4 auto answer cycles (VRS): Record about 2 hours (no need to retrofit SD card). Up to 100 greetings, automatic question and answer (VRS).
Built-in 8 VoIP channels. Supports 28 VoIP channels when using VoIPDB expansion card.
– Integrate 4 channels of audio conference calls, basic Web video calls and expand to up to 32 channels.
– Integrate 4 features of forwarding calls outside the system and vice versa with mobile terminals.
- Built-in 4 channels Voice mail.
– Integrate many applications such as 1 Ethernet Port (100M) Port (RJ45) to connect to LAN (install and use).
– Hiix supports 4 channels of Web Base InUC for user management (Status/IM reporting, call control, WebRTC technology).
– Connect the control board to SIP Trunk, PSTN, ISDN.
- For all Analog, Digital, IP phones.
– Connect to wireless phone IP Phone, IP DECT Phone, Softphone, Wifi, Web video.
– Smartphone can be used as an extension.
- Call management features, call recording.
- Doorbell feature, door opening and closing control.
- Notification function, music waiting.
- Built-in display of incoming phone numbers.
– 15 server service classes (Allow calling).
– 15 cost restrictions (Forbidden to call).
– 15 Timer Time (Limit Call Time).
- Call Center function.
The NEc SL 2100 3Co-16Ext switchboard is a small switchboard with a capacity of 3 Trunks - 16 extensions that can be upgraded to 128 extensions. There is nothing wrong if you have a small card using the nec SL 2100 switchboard, this is quite sophisticated and already has voip, sip trunks, auto answering machine, can grow without extensions, hybride
Key features of the NEC SL2100 include:
• Integrated VoIP technology (Standard 8 channels. Expandable up to 128 channels)
• Web-based UC client
• Web-based Collaboration & Video Conferencing
• Voice response system/Voicemail
• Audio conference at home and abroad
• Multi-Geolocation Operations over IP Network
• ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) for small Contact Center
• Hotel features as well as being able to connect to the PMS API interface
The NEC SL2100 3CO-16Ext switchboard creates a positive customer experience that generates repeat business.