NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext Telephone System

NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext Telephone System

NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext - Nec SL2100 IP PBX with configuration of 6 Analog post lines and 56 internal extensions. NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext ensures flexibility for any deployment
- 02 IP7WW-4KSU-C1 : NEC SL2100 . PBX frame
- 01 IP7WW-CPU-C1 : SL2100 . tuning controller
- 01 IP7WW-EXIFB-C1: expansion card
- 01 IP7WW-EXIFE-C1 : card for expansion frame
- 02 IP7WW-308U-A1 : Card with 3 Analog trunks and 8 extensions
- 05 IP7WW-008U-C1 : Expansion card for 8 extensions Hybrid / SLT

Mã Product: SL2100 6Co-56Ext

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40,702,500đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext Nec SL2100 telephone switchboard with configuration of 6 Analog trunks - 56 internal extensions. Nec SL2100 6Co-56Ext is a Hybrid TDM/VoIP PBX system with fully featured and scalable VOP phones up to 256 ports. It can network up to 50 locations.
The NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext IP PBX is the smart choice for service-centric SMEs.
NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext telephone switchboard includes:
- 02 cards IP7WW-4KSU-C1 : Main frame to expand NEC SL2100 PBX
   + 4 trunk/extension card slots and 1 CPU/EXIFE slot
   + Connect up to 3 frames (1 main frame and 2 sub frames) connected by Bus.
- 01 Card IP7WW-CPU-C1 : Nec SL2100 tuner controller with software with 1 Ethernet port
   + SL2100 controller card with system software
   + Mounts to CPU/EXIFE slot on chassis
   + Built-in VoIP (up to 8 channels) and 4 channels VRS/VM (InMail)
   + Support to store messages for 2 hours VRS/VM (InMail) without SD card
   Available: 1 port (RJ45) x Ethernet (100M)
- 01 Card IP7WW-EXIFB-C1 : capacity expansion card + 16 channels VRS / InMail
   + Connect to expand 2 sub-frames
   + Mounted on CPU
   + Built-in auto answer up to 16 channels
- 01 Card IP7WW-EXIFE-C1 : Card for standard expansion frame (RJ61)
- 02 Cards IP7WW-308U-A1 : Card with 3 Analog trunks and 8 extensions
- 05 IP7WW-008U-C1 : Expansion card for 8 extensions Hybrid / SLT

The NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext targets the SME market serving businesses from 4 to 128 employees/extended scope, with some of the latest technology in the growing world of unified business communications.
Benefits of NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext IP PBX to avail
Value for money: The NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext provides an efficient and powerful communication system that can be accessed for a small price. It only requires you to pay for exactly what you need even though the whole solution is scalable and amazingly efficient, as it can be scaled up. The NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext offers a variety of home office or remote office options.
- Ease of use: The NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext introduces a number of intuitive features and applications that can help teams and users enhance their user roles and become more productive in their work.
- Keeping users connected: The NEC SL2100 enables users with built-in web-based conferencing, mobile smartphone apps, unified messaging, and single-numbered reach, allowing users are connected and updated, while communicating with colleagues.
- Provides safety and security for malicious digital fraud attacks: NEC SL2100 is integrated with applications such as InGuard, user-configurable to protect businesses from phishing attacks cheat.
- Actively maintain a high level of customer experience: NEC SL2100 6Co-56Ext provides excellent customer service through top-of-the-line features, add-ons and call functions that provide satisfaction customer satisfaction and great experience.