Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext IP PBX

Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext IP PBX

Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext switchboard configures 6 post lines to 72 internal ext. Nec SL2100 6Co-72Ext can expand up to 3 frames (01 main frame, 2 sub frames) and is a good communication system for businesses.
- 3 x IP7WW-4KSU-C1 . Expansion Frame
- 1 x IP7WW-CPU-C1:Central control card
- 1 x Card IP7WW-EXIFB-C1 to connect the main switchboard frame
- 2 x IP7WW-EXIFE-C1 bus cards for expansion
- 2 x IP7WW-308U-A1 3CO 8EXT expansion card
- 7 x IP7WW-008U-C1 8EX expansion cards

Mã Product: SL2100 6Co-72Ext

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NEC SL2100 Hybrid IP PBX with 6 trunks-72 mixed extensions (Analog and Digital). NEC SL2100 PBX mainframe (IP7WW-4KSU-C1, CPU card IP7WW-CPU-C1, card 3 trunks-8 mixed extensions IP7WW-308U-A1) expands to 12 trunks-32 extensions, including 03 Analog trunk expansion card slots and internal extension. Can connect 03 frames together by Bus wire to upgrade and expand the system. Nec SL2100 6Co-72Ext is an ideal solution for small and medium businesses that focus on quality of service.
Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext phone switchboard has a flexible frame design that is easy to expand and upgrade, supporting customer segments from 4 to 112 users
Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext PBX SL2100 6 trunks-72 mixed extensions comes with cards:
- 3 x IP7WW-4KSU-C1 . Expansion Frame
  + 4 trunk/extension card slots and 1 CPU/EXIFE slot
  + Connect up to 3 frames (1 main frame and 2 sub frames) connected by Bus.
  + Not supported (Hot-Swap)
- 1 x IP7WW-CPU-C1:Central control card
  + Mounts to CPU/EXIFE slot on chassis
  + Built-in VoIP (up to 8 channels) and 4 channels VRS/VM (InMail)
  + Support to store messages for 2 hours VRS/VM (InMail) without SD card
  + Available:
     . 1 RJ45 x Ethernet 100M . port
     . 1 x VoIPDB . card slot
     . 1 x EXIFB card slot
     . 1 x SD card slot (VRS/VM memory expansion)
- 1 x Card IP7WW-EXIFB-C1 connecting the main switchboard frame Nec SL2100
  + Connecting card when used to expand the Nec SL2100 switchboard frame
  + Use this card to extend VRS/VM channel (InMail), (expand up to 16 channels)
  CPU mounted (EXIFB bus)
  Default: 2 x standard expansion frame connectors (RJ61)
- 2 x IP7WW-EXIFE-C1 bus cards for expansion
  + Connection card mounted on the expansion frame (subframe)
  + Mounted on the CPU/EXIFE slot of the switchboard chassis
  Default: 1 x standard expansion frame connector (RJ61)
- 2 x IP7WW-308U-A1 3CO 8EXT expansion card
- 7 x IP7WW-008U-C1 8EXT expansion cards
  + 8 x Mixer/Analog Extension (4 x RJ61)
  + 1 x port for trunk expansion card
   + DSS monitoring desk connected to port no.8
- 24-key combination screen phone IP7WW-24TXH-A1
With VoIP capabilities, the Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext puts Unified Communications (UC) within reach of small businesses, while still providing superior support for traditional telephony ensuring complete flexibility. for all implementations. The Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext PBX also offers significant savings and functionality over and above alternative storage solutions.
To help maintain a positive customer experience and high levels of service, the Nec SL2100 6Co-64Ext ensures staying connected through a wide range of communication tools, suitable for flexible workspaces.