NEC SL2100 PABX Genuine, Good Price

NEC SL2100 PABX Genuine, Good Price

NEC SL2100 PBX provides a powerful unified communication platform - built for small businesses. The Nec SL2100 ensures complete flexibility for all deployment operations. It also saves your business significantly.

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NEC SL2100 PBX is the latest product of NEC used for telephone systems of companies and enterprises. With good price and performance, NEC SL2100 will be a good choice for customers. Why use NEC SL2100 switchboard NEC SL2100 PABX With VoIP capabilities, the SL2100 puts Unified Communications (UC) within the reach of small businesses, but still provides outstanding support for traditional phones. The Nec SL2100 PBX provides a reliable "always on" solution. Since they are designed to minimize maintenance and are built with minimal hardware & licenses, you don't have to worry about its quality. 3 analog line ports, 8 digital station ports, 2 analog station ports, Voice mail InMail 4 ports / 15 hours, 8 channels of VoIP and 4 digital phones with 12 buttons NEC SL2100. The Nec SL2100 PBX uses a flexible communication system that can be operated as a high-cost, low-cost VoIP enabled phone system, an easily scalable unified communications platform or a PBX Trusted digital with outstanding upgrade potential. With the many advanced functions of the Analog PBX SL2100 already built into the system, the Nec SL2100 minimizes the need for additional hardware, delivering a highly functional phone system with low operating costs at input prices. These standard features enable your business to meet your needs for mobility, security, and connectivity, and help ensure that maximum customer service is maintained. Configuration of PBX Nec SL2100 The switchboard has a configuration from 8 to 256 extensions, which can expand the internal extension remotely for branch offices or stores ... The network's modules range from 3 Co 8 Ext (3 post lines to 8 extensions) to 24 Co 256 Ext (24 post lines to 256 extensions). If your business needs to install Nec SL2100 switchboard from 12 to 24 post lines for 16 to 256 extensions, the SL2100 fully meets the needs of your business. Connection diagram of telephone exchange Nec SL2100 Outstanding features of Analog PBX Nec Sl2100 Call-ID display Automatic answering system: yes (built-in from 4 to 16 channels) SIP application on smart IP phones Mobile extension Move in place Low IT maintenance requirements Integrated audio conferencing with up to 32 channels VoIP enabled InUC - Integrated Collaboration Automatic call division (ACD) Contact center Advanced voicemail Music is waiting Supports Mobility / Remote / Home Office users Automatic timekeeper Videoconferencing & Collaboration (license required) Call recording Call information storage capacity up to 4000 calls Contact GTC Telecom immediately to own NEC SL2100 PABX product with the best price and support from us.