Nec SV9100 16CO-128Ext Switchboard

NEC UNIVERGE SV9100 switchboard 16 trunks - 128 extensions - GTC Tech

NEC SV9100 switchboard configures 16 lines to-128 extensions, integrated with capacity up to 1296 ports, capable of upgrading up to 512 UC users, 512 agents, connecting Net-links to 50 branches, 896 IP terminal, 400 trunks
- 2 chassis CHS2UG-EU 19" 2U chassis (6-slot)
- 01 GCD-CP20 . CPU card
- 02 cards with 4 trunks GCD-4COTC-A,
- 02 cards with 4 trunks GPZ-4COTG-A,
- 01 card of 8 GCD-8DLCA digital extensions,
- 08 cards and 8 analog extensions GCD-8LCF,
- 08 cards with 8 analog extensions GPZ-8LCF,

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NEC SV9100 PBX 16 trunks Analog-128 Digital internal subscribers are perfect for small and medium businesses that want to grow their organization and compete in the market. NEC SV9100 16CO-128Ext PBX with smart design, easy expansion, powerful mobility and UC features.
What do you find in the business communication platform with the NEC SV9100 16CO-128Ext  PBX
NEC SV9100 16CO-128Ext solution to scale as your business grows.
NEC SV9100 switchboard with 16 trunks - 128 internal subscribers including:
- 02 CHS2UG-EU frames for the NEC SV9100 19" 2U (6-slot),
- 02 sets of hangers,
- 01 GCD-CP20 CPU card,
- 01 GPZ-BS20 frame expansion card mounted on the main CPU chassis,
- 01 frame expansion card mounted on GPZ-BS11 subframe,
- 02 cards with 4 trunks GCD-4COTC-A,
- 02 cards with 4 trunks GPZ-4COTG-A,
- 01 card of 8 extensions GCD-8DLCA (for extension, call station, PGDAD),
- 08 cards with 8 analog ports for SLT, Fax, Analog Modem GCD-8LCF,
- 08 cards with 8 analog extensions mounted on GPZ-8LCF,
- 88 licenses of SV9100 SYSTEM PORT-01 LIC for users,
- 01 license to activate SV9100 VERSION LIC system,
- 01 memory card 2GB SD-A2 OT
NEC SV9100 16CO-128Ext PBX solution supports separate IP unified communication, expandable up to 400 trunks (Analog/Digital/IP), 896 extensions (Analog/Digital/IP) and the ability to integrate suitable for mobile phones and tablets UT880
NEC SV9100 16 trunks - 128 internal subscriptions are the right tools for more efficient, flexible and productive operation. NEC SV9100 16 trunks - 128 local subscribers built smart SMB solutions tailored to the new converged infrastructure needs
Features of NEC SV9100 16CO-128Ext  PBX
- Better agility and responsiveness for business operations
- Flexible deployment models enable business growth and efficiency gains.
- Powerful tools that provide rich user experiences for cross-organizational collaboration.
- Secure and highly scalable service designed for business continuity.
The NEC SV9100 16CO-128Ext PBX is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses with the scalability and reliability of changing business needs.