NEC SV9100 switchboard 16Co-176Ext

NEC SV9100 switchboard 16Co-176Ext

NEC SV9100 switchboard with 16 analog trunks configuration, 176 internal extensions, flexible expansion capacity up to 192 trunks and 896 subscribers. NEC SV9100(16Co - 176Ext) offers many attractive business benefits, high efficiency, reliability, low cost.
- 03 frames CHS2UG-EU
- 01 CPU card (GCD-CP20) installed on slot No. 1 main frame
- 02 cards with 4 trunks GCD-4COTC-A
- 01 card of 8 GCD-8DLCA digital extensions,
- 11 cards and 8 analog extensions GCD-8LCF
- 01 memory card 2GB SD-A2 OT

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Nec UNIVERGE SV9100 (16Co - 176Ext) The Nec SV9100 PBX has a configuration of 16 trunks - 172 extensions, flexible expansion, easy access to wherever the business is located. The NEC SV9100(16Co - 176Ext) PBX is a unique communication solution for up to 896 extensions, creating '360 degree communication' including fixed, mobile and converged communication such as e-mail, presence, and presence. and instant messaging.
NEC SV9100(16Co - 176Ext) PBX powerful, feature-rich server for both VoIP and traditional voice communications
NEC SV9100 switchboard with 16 trunk configuration - 176 subscribers included
- 03 chassis CHS2UG-EU 19 inch rack, 6 slots
- 03 sets of hangers,
- 01 CPU card (GCD-CP20) installed on slot No. 1 main frame
- 01 GPZ-BS20 expansion card mounted on the main frame,
- 02 GPZ-BS11 expansion cards mounted on the subframe,
- 02 cards with 4 Analog trunks GCD-4COTC-A (Support digital display and reverse polarity),
- 02 cards with 4 analog trunks to expand GPZ-4COTG-A,
- 01 GCD-8DLCA card for 8 extensions (for extension, call station, PGDAD),
- 11 cards with 8 analog ports GCD-8LCF (for SLT, Fax, Analog Modem)
- 11 expansion cards GPZ-8LCF for 8 analog extensions,
- 136 licenses SV9100 SYSTEM PORT-01 LIC for users,
- 01 license to activate SV9100 VERSION LIC system,
- 01 memory card 2GB SD-A2 OT
NEC SV9100(16Co - 176Ext) unified communications application that seamlessly combines IP and traditional telephony services. The Nec SV9100 16Co-172Ext switchboard has the ability to combine, so it can communicate up to 50 systems.