Nec switchboard SL2100 6Co-16Ext

Nec switchboard SL2100 6Co-16Ext

The NEC SL2100 6Co-16Ext is a cost-effective VoIP intercom, an easily scalable solution with unified inbound communications or a reliable TDM-based PBX with great upgrade potential. Nec SL2100 6Co-16Ext switchboard operates on many levels, low operating costs
- NEC SL2100 PBX (IP7WW-4KSU-C1)
- Central control card (IP7WW-CPU-C1)
- Card with 3 trunks, 8 mixed subscribers (IP7WW-308U-A1)
- Integrated 4 ports, 2 hours of InMail to PC
- Support 6 phones, 6 Trunk SIP

Mã Product: SL2100 6Co-16Ext

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

15,772,500đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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Nec SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext smart switchboard meets today's business requirements with mobility, security, connectivity features and ensures that customer service levels are maintained at a premium . The Nec SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext PBX offers reliability and high value.
Why can Nec SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext Switchboard help you be more productive, wherever you are?
Nec SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext Motivate your employees to work. It also creates a positive customer experience for your business. The SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext PBX offers a reliable "always on" solution.
- NEC SL2100 switchboard frame 6 Co-16 Ext(IP7WW-4KSU-C1)
- Central control card (IP7WW-CPU-C1)
- Card with 3 trunks, 8 mixed subscribers (IP7WW-308U-A1 expansion card)
- Supports up to 112 Extensions,
- 12 control panels,
- 6 doorphones,
- 50 Virtual Extensions,
- Auto answer 4 channel VRS,
In addition to enterprise-class VoIP, cellular, and UC&C solutions, the Nec SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext PBX also offers industry-specific solutions, such as retail solutions, healthcare solutions, catering solutions, entertainment solutions and small hotel solutions.
The NEC SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext provides up to 100 VRS messages that can be broadcast via an external paging system. This feature is useful for urgent messages, school alarms, or any other frequently used messages that you want to broadcast through the paging system.
The NEC SL2100 6 Co-16 Ext PBX has created a completely new design for hardware and terminals. By integrating smartphones and combining with value-added functions such as web-based collaboration & video conferencing, it provides customers with more convenient and thoughtful services.