Nec switchboard SL2100 6Co-24Ext

Nec switchboard SL2100 6Co-24Ext

The NEC SL2100 6Co-24Ext smart communication system is ideal for businesses that require 4 to 60+ mobile phones or 5 to 100 users or more. The Nec SL2100 6Co-24Ext PBX offers 8 VoIP channels, 4 InMail/VRS ports with 2 hours of storage and 4 Mobile Extension clients.

Mã Product: SL2100 6Co-24Ext

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

18,967,500đ (Giá trên chưa bao gồm VAT)
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The NEC SL2100 6Co-24Ext is a Hybrid TDM/VoIP system with full-featured phones and expandable up to 256 ports, it can network up to 50 locations.
The NEC SL2100 6Co-24Ext PBX is an analog PBX with 6 trunks and 24 subscribers ensuring that your entire team is always connected and offers a variety of communication tools suitable for flexible working environments.
- VoIP resource expansion card
- Central control card IP7WW-CPU-C1
- Integrated 6 trunk cards, 24 mixed subscribers
- 8 resources available on VOIP card
- Mount on CPU card (via VoIPDB bus)
- Support upgrading up to 128 resources
- 1 RJ45 network port (100/1000M)
The NEC SL2100 6Co-24Ext switchboard creates a rapidly changing communication dynamic and becomes the driving force for your business with positive customer experiences, raised expectations, and tight budgets.
With VoIP capabilities, the NEC SL2100 6Co-24Ext PBX puts unified communications within reach of small businesses or it can be used as a flexible TDM solution with future upgrade potential.
The NEC SL2100 6Co-24Ext PBX offers a reliable "always on" solution that is always connected to your customers. The NEC SL2100 6Co-24Ext switchboard is a communication tool suitable for flexible workspaces.