Yealink introduces MSpeech speakers for Microsoft Teams

MSpeech, a USB speakerphone that delivers AI features including speech recognition, transcription, translation, Cortana, and a smarter experience for Microsoft Teams Room. With 10 built-in MEMS microphone arrays and 4-watt speakers, MSpeech ensures HD audio coverage across medium-sized meeting spaces.

What is an IP phone? Benefits of using IP Phone

In businesses today, IP Phone is considered as an indispensable "familiar face". Thanks to advanced technology, IP Phones increasingly show their outstanding advantages over traditional phones. So what is an IP phone? What are the benefits to businesses that are so popular? Join us to find out through the article below.

What is VoIP phone? Benefits of using VoIP phones

Nowadays, when the demand for VoIP equipment is increasing, many different product lines also appear on the market to serve the needs of customers. Certainly, many customers have heard of the VoIP phone name and have a lot of curiosity with this product line. So let's go with GTC to find out what VoIP phone is and what benefits to users with the article below.

Instructions for installing Grandstream IP PBX easiest

Grandstream IP telephone exchange is a name that is no stranger to businesses today. It is considered the most popular IP phone line in Vietnam market.

Building internal telephone system in the business

Today, we are living in the era of technology 4.0 increasingly developing, the internal telephone switchboard system is an indispensable part for businesses.

Benefits of IP PBX compared to Analog is there any more advantages?

Nowadays, technology is increasingly developed due to the increasing demand of consumers. And the name of IP PBX is increasingly popular in businesses today.

What is SIP Trunk? Advantages of SIP Trunk in call center

Many people are still wondering what is SIP Trunk? The functions and advantages of SIP Trunking is how businesses prioritize this solution for their phone systems. Let's find out through the article below.

[HOT] Buy a Webcam, a Mic Omnidirectional, immediately give copyright Zoom

After two consecutive Covid epidemics, economics and education are undergoing strong transformations into a digital age. But the students or the sales people are still having trouble finding a product to support and optimize performance for learning and selling on the Online environment.

Instructions on how to use headphones Jabra easily and professionally

How to use Jabra headphones is always the question of many people when using this product for the first time. So, in this article we would like to provide you with the simplest way to use Jabra headphones. Wish you will have a great experience with this product.

Priority and benefits when using the PBX Cloud

The advantages of the cloud virtual switchboard are very large round the present time. Virtual PBX Cloud is a familiar keyword in the telecommunications field. However, many people are still doubting the benefits of using Cloud PBX. Let's answer this problem in the article below!