Review Jabra Evolve Series headphones

The Jabra Evolve are the best-looking wired headphones ever, they offer a wide range of connectivity options, are great for chatting and listening to media, and built to last. The Jabra Evolve Series headset is designed to be the best professional headset for productivity in the open office.

Review Yealink IP phone SIP-T3

Yealink SIP-T3 is a business IP phone for desktop voice communication With superior HD audio performance, 5-way conferencing, EHS wireless headset support and background integration proven Yealink device management platform. The Yealink T3 IP Phone maximizes productivity and enhances collaboration for businesses of all sizes. The Yealink SIP-T3 series review hopes to give you some ideas to choose the Yealink SIP-T3 IP phone series for your business.

Discover Yealink WH6X Wireless Headphones

The Yealink WH6X series headphones deliver superb sound quality through two built-in microphones that support HD Voice and Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, while providing outstanding wearing and operating comfort. Discover initial testing with four models of headphones: WH62, WH63, WH66 and WH67 at GTC TECH

Recruiting agents to distribute switchboard-telephone

GTC TECH, a supplier of IT - Telecommunication equipment and VOIP solutions of famous brands, always ensures the best quality and price to customers, partners, agents... GTC TECH continues to recruit Distribution agents Switchboard - Telephone jointly developed throughout the provinces/cities.

Review Yealink WH62 wireless headphones

Wireless office headsets, like many other areas of technology, continue to evolve. Previously, there were only a handful of wireless headphone manufacturers. Today, more and more companies are involved in the creation of wireless headset technology. Yealink WH62 wireless headset review includes wireless range test + microphone

Combo October Promotion

Jubilant promotion "October special - many attractive gifts - unchanged price". With spending in October, the price remains the same when buying Yeastar Switchboard + IP Phone (Of any brand such as Yealink, Panasonic, Fanvil, Nec, Sangoma...) GTC TECH offers many attractive gifts for customers. and Agents.

Reasons for you to choose NEC phone

UNIVERGE's line of desk phones, in-building wireless systems and softphones give users quick and reliable access to tools, information and personal information, anywhere, anytime. The reason why you choose NEC phones. The perfect, reliable solution for superior communication at an affordable price

Workshop "Yastar Day 2022 – Keep It Up"

The "Yastar Day 2022 - Keep It Up" conference is a combined event for professionals, VoIP agents, engineers, employees... in the field of unified communications and digital workplaces. . Yeastar Day 2022 Seminar, a mixed event combining Yeastar's virtual and in-person experiences to service providers and telecommunications and IT agents around the world for a live experience

What is the best office phone in 2022?

With the needs of companies and businesses, desk phones for offices are still the first choice, solving work effectively. Users who choose to buy the best office phone need to have certain information and understanding about the product, to evaluate and choose a suitable, affordable price. Top best office phones in 2022 should be purchased with appropriate standards, meeting the requirements of business use

What is the difference between VOIP and IP telephony?

The terms "IP Phone" and "VoIP" are often used interchangeably. It There's not much of a fundamental difference between VoIP and IP telephony and in fact not most. IP telephony covers a much wider range and VoIP is the protocol for managing voice traffic. But there is one difference that you need to keep in mind when making a purchase decision.