ONEKING H1-L1M conference camera

ONEKING H1-L1M conference camera

The ONEKING H1-L1M video conferencing camera provides the ultimate experience to optimize collaboration Video equipped with an optical zoom block option that uses a single USB Cable for power and motion control HD Video and PTZ
- Image sensor: 1/2.5 inch HD color SONY CMOS.
- Resolution: 1080p@30 2.0 Megapixels.
- Sensitivity: 0.5Lux at F2.0.
- Angle of view: 72.5 HOV.
- Rotation angle: 0° ~ 350°.
- Use for small meeting rooms under 10 people

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Oneking H1-L1M 4K UHD PTZ video conferencing camera experiences sharp video quality, meeting user needs. OneKing H1-L1M conference camera is designed to be compact, safe and environmentally friendly, so it is trusted and used by many people.
What is the new breakthrough technical standard of Oneking H1-L1M Conference Camera?
The OneKing H1-L1M conference camera is equipped with a fixed lens, provides 8 Megapixel quality images, and it is tailor-made for small meeting rooms offering optimized video collaboration and customizable zooming experience. .
– Screen HD Sensor: 1/2.5” HD color SONY CMOS, HOV 87°
– Resolution: 1080p@30 2.0 Megapixels.
– Sensitivity: 0.5Lux at F2.0.
– Angle of view: 72.5 HOV.
– Rotation angle: 0° ~ 350°.
- Horizontal viewing angle: 85° / 73° / 54°
– Connection port: USB 2.0.
USB cable length: 5 meters.
– Invoke VISCA commands via USB 2.0 . cable connection
- Support remote control Remote /T/Z
– Ceiling, tripod or wall mount.
– Application for meeting rooms under 10 people
OneKing H1-L1M camera with 1080P30fps or 720pMegapixel video resolution produces very sharp quality images and helps users to easily view and better understand meeting information. The device has a 4mm focal length lens, making it easier for users to optimize zooming in on images and better observing the meeting.
4K Ultra HD PTZ Camera
- Oneking H1-L1M-4K provides high-precision PTZ capability: You can choose to rotate, tilt, zoom, zoom flexibly, and be managed by a remote control device. With many advanced features of the H1-L1M-4K, you can freely choose how to adjust the lens, record clear images with every detail as you like. The H1-L1M camera delivers premium Ultra HD 4K video with 1080p/720p HD resolution and outstanding clarity.
1/2” SONY CMOS HD Color Image Sensor, HOV 87 Degrees
- Camera equipped with 1/2.5" image sensor Using high-quality CMOS image sensor supports more efficient operation, requires less power and works better for high-speed shooting modes high. The 87 HOV.° field of view provides a wide field of view, covering the entire meeting room, for better recording performance.
Fast Plug and Play USB2.0 Connection
- Single USB2.0 cable provides quality video, PTZ motion, you can select motion focus and power up quickly.
Compatibility with all Cloud software conferencing software
- Oneking H1-L1M-4K is highly compatible and interactive with all different VOIP telecommunications platforms such as: Zoom, WebEx, Lync, UC, Skype for Business, BlueJeans, MS Team and Jabber..., allows for easy integration into multiple, selectable, fixed focal points your existing video conferencing infrastructure.
Various setting positions
- With Oneking H1-L1M-4K you can set up the installation, install it on many different locations: on the computer, on the ceiling, mounted on a bare tripod, on the wall, on the floor or using a stand.
The Oneking H1-L1M video conferencing camera is optimized for best call performance in single or multi-party HD video, always ensuring every detail is clear.