Oneking H1-PAM onference camera

Oneking H1-PAM Conference Camera - Amazing Video Quality!

OneKing H1-PAM Conference Camera Can achieve standards as well as quality for small and medium businesses.
- 10x . optical zoom lens
- Equipped with SONY CMOS sensor 1/2.8” HD color, 2.1 Meapixel
- Single USB for power, transfer and control of video images.
- Plug&play, no diver program
- Vivid video quality 1080p@30fps

Mã Product: H1-PAM

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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OneKing H1-PAM camera is a conference camera that gives users powerful, natural benefits in a lively video conferencing environment with sharp image quality. The OneKing H-PAM's stunning display, wide range of features and simple user interface make it the perfect choice for small and medium businesses.
How to start a video meeting?
Custom OneKing H1-PAM Video Conferencing Camera with 10x HD 1080p Zoom Brings Great Video Experience to Meeting Room or Small Office
What's in Oneking H1-PAM?
- 10x∣ lens 62° . horizontal viewing angle
= New 10x Zoom USB2.0 Web Hd 1080p Ptz
- 350 degrees smooth PTZ rotation, experience the red 1080p HD video conference effect.
- Connect to windows/Android/Linux devices plug and play
- Lower total cost of ownership, faster return on investment
- All systems are easy to purchase, install and use
Oneking H1-PAM Camera conferencing solution is designed for the medium conference room within 20 people, with 10x conference camera, support magnified image from 8 meters away, omnidirectional microphone support recording range 3 meters.
Delivers the industry's best group video collaboration in innovative design, ready to go anywhere, in minutes
With IR remote camera control Pan/Tolt Motion, Zoom in/out, OSD menu and meeting room presets etc.
Advantages of OneKing H1- PAM PTZ camera
- For medium business meetings/workshops
    + H1-PAM is a perfect choice, 10X optical zoom lens helps everyone get a clearer picture when there are people in the meeting, 62 degree wide viewing angle helps to see every corner of the meeting room clearly
- OneKing H1-PAM video conference camera connects to your favorite app
    + Connect to CloudPBX service or audio system via USB2.0. Simply plug the Camera into your Laptop, PC and Mac. No need for a remote driver.
- OneKing H1-PAM is compatible with all CloudPBX conference software
    + Compatible with a variety of telecommunications platforms including WebEx, Lync, Skype for Business, BlueJeans, Zoom and Jabber for easy integration into your existing video conferencing infrastructure.
OneKing H1-PAM video conference camera for conference/live broadcast in meeting rooms, classrooms, medium and large conferences. If you have a need to buy OneKing H1-PAM Camera for the conference, please contact GTC TECH directly.

Oneking H1-PAM conference camera specifications
- SONY CMOS sensor 1/2.8” HD color
- 2.1Megapixel
- Single USB2.0, Plug&Play
- Full HD picture with output format Video YUY2,MJPEG,H264:1080P30/720P30/ 800*600/360P.- Viewing angle: 62 degrees (10x) Optional
- Support Rotate, tilt, zoom by remote control
- Pan Movement: 330 degrees
- Tilt movement: +-30 degrees
- Dimensions: Height x Width x Depth:180mmx112mmx129mm
- Weight::800g