Oneking HD653 P3M Video Conference Camera

Oneking HD653 P3M Video Conference Camera

Oneking HD653 P3M Premium USB PTZ Camera equipped with optical zoom block with USB 2.0 ideal for small or medium sized conference rooms, Oneking HD653 P3M Conference Camera is compatible with any web conferencing system
- Camera: 1080p PT USB Web Video conference
- Angle of view > 73 HO
- USB: 2.0
- 5m long USB 2.0 cable for power supply
- Zoom in 3x
- Remote control
- Rotation 0° ~ 350°
- Ceiling or wall mounting
- Suitable for a meeting room of 20-30 people

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Oneking HD653 P3M High-end USB PTZ camera is equipped with a 3X optical zoom block, using a single USB cable for power. Oneking HD653 P3M Camera works well with your existing video conferencing applications
What is special and unusual about OneKing HD653 P3M video conferencing camera with other types of the same category?
The Oneking HD653 P3M conference device delivers clear picture quality that won't cause any problems with lighting in a typical office environment when using this online meeting device.
- 1x HD653 P3M . video camera
- Camera resolution 1920x1080pixels
- Optical zoom lens: 3x
- Angle of view > 73 HO
- 1/2.7'' HD Color CMOS sensor
- 64 preset positions
- Pan ± 180 degrees move Pan
- Tilt +90°, - 45°
- Rotation angle 0° ~ 350°
- Video output: USB 2.0 Type OFF
- LED work & standby indicator
Oneking HD653 P3M Conference Camera is also known for its outstanding feature that is the ability to automatically save the state after power off, automatically flip the image.... Besides, Oneking HD653 P3M also helps users to easily easily follow the meeting with sharp, clear images, and they can get better, more detailed information from that meeting.
Oneking HD653 P3M conference device achieves high image quality, easily connects to PC, laptop for those who need to travel to work. In addition, Oneking HD653 P3M conference camera also easily monitors meetings with practical, high-definition images.