Oneking HD910-U20-P7 conference camera
  • Oneking HD910-U20-P7 conference camera
  • Oneking HD910-U20-P7 conference camera
  • Oneking HD910-U20-P7 conference camera

Oneking HD910-U20-P7 Video Conferencing Camera, Quality

Oneking HD910-U20-P7 camera is a device system for transmitting images and sound between two devices or remote points. Video conferencing camera ONEKING HD910-U20-P7 beautifully designed, professional, for clear images with high resolution. Suitable for seminars, online meetings, remote working support.
- Optional 10X, 12x and 20x . optical zoom lenses
- CMOS sensor screen 1/2.8", 2.1 Megapixel
- Full HD picture with 1080P MJPEG output format.
- Viewing Angle: 60.9°(61 HOV)
- 5m long USB 2.0 cable

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Oneking HD910-U20-P7 Conference Camera Deliver an instant, real-time, live experience through a robust design that enhances your collaboration experience.
Why did you choose to buy OneKing camera at GTC TECH?
The Oneking HD910-U20-P7 camera delivers amazing productivity benefits to transform your business. It connects seamlessly to your PC/Laptop via USB, so you can now conduct meetings in your large room with greater clarity, and record speaker expressions and reactions in real time to communicate effectively with your distributed teams, Partners and customers
- Full HD picture (1920×1080 30p)
- COMS 1/2.8”HD color screen; 2.1 Megapixels
- Zoom 10x Optical x 12 Digital;
- Viewing Angle: 60°(61 HOV)
- Rotation speed: 0.01°-180°/sec, Tilt speed: 0.01°-120°/sec
- Design your own tools High Definition PTZ Camera
- Support two-way audio, broadcast system
- Fast and natural video processing
- Suitable for meeting rooms, studying more than 30 people
Oneking HD910-U20-P7 camera helps you easily set up online meetings, effective online video conferencing, providing a video conferencing solution for medium and large meeting rooms.
OneKing HD-U20-P7 camera is suitable for conferencing and web conferencing software, high-speed data transmission, vivid images, 10x zoom lenses, video conferencing enhancements, distance learning, training meetings or courtrooms with natural video images.
Support both zoom and move the remote control and joystick
- allows users to control camera movement and lens position with 10x zoom features allowing for greater subject coverage. Video brightness can be adjusted automatically based on available light conditions when using these cameras, ensuring clearer video quality.
Wide range of applications
- Application areas: Meeting rooms, learning centers, mission critical operations centers, medical care units and courtrooms Capacity: 15 to 30 people
Wide viewing angle
- Wide field of view focal length for even wider range shooting
Oneking HD910-U20-P7 audio and video conference system is ideal for any business, conference organization, distance training. Oneking HD910-U20-P7 camera excellent quality at an affordable price.