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Yealink Video Conferencing Kit For Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms turns any space into a meeting place, panoramic video conferencing to cover all meeting room spaces from large to small.
Yealink's video conferencing appliance for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms is designed to be flexible, reliable, easy to carry, packed with everything you need for seamless team collaboration in conference rooms. your.
Smooth conferencing experience with Yealink Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms
Yealink MVC640 conference equipment set
• MCore Mini-PC
• 8inch MTouch II touch panel
• Camera UVC84 USB PTZ
• MSpeech Smart USB Speaker
• WPP20 Wireless Presentation Pod
Yealink MVC640 is a panoramic native video conferencing solution with 12x optical zoom to meet the requirements of small to large meeting rooms and provide a flexible, fast, easy, quality-assured deployment solution. trust.
Yealink MVC840 conference equipment set
-Yealink MVC840 is a package video solution with MCore mini-PC, touch panel, UVC84 4K camera, VCM34 and MSpeaker II audio system, providing everything you need to interact, connect and collaborate with users inside or outside the meeting room seamlessly and intelligently.

Yealink MVC940 conference equipment set Yealink MVC940 is an all-in-one video solution with MCore mini-PC, touch panel, UVC84 multi-camera system and flexible audio options, giving you everything you need to interact, MVC940 with optical zoom 12x and it provides you with multiple cameras and supports camera layout adjustment to meet extra-large meeting room requirements. Yealink MVC400 conference equipment set - Yealink UVC400 USB AI video bar, microphone array and speakers. With the MTouch II Touch Panel and MCore mini-PC, the MVC400 delivers a face-to-face meeting, a sharp visual experience, and a dedicated MTR system that meets the requirements of small and secure, centralized meeting rooms. Yealink A20 Meeting Bar for Microsoft Team Rooms - Video collaboration bar for small, medium and collective online meetings + Yealink MeetingBar A20 for Microsoft Teams Rooms system on Android, integrating everything you need for your Team meeting. With just one MeetingBar A20, users can enjoy a seamless Teams experience. In addition, MeetingBar A20 also connects to the CTP18 touch panel for better meeting control for small spaces. - Teams that collaborate consistently with the A20 + Yealink MeetingBar A20 has a built-in Snapdragon 845 chipset and runs on Android 9.0 and Teams operating systems, turning your workspace into a safe and efficient Microsoft Teams Room. Users can enjoy whiteboard collaboration, dual-screen sharing, wired and wireless content sharing, meeting control, and more.