Panasonic cordless phone

Chat with your Panasonic wireless phone anytime, anywhere is ideal for great mobile conversations. Panasonich cordless phones give you the freedom to roam while on a call.
If you are looking for a cordless phone with a sleek and unique design, along with tons of useful features, the Panasonic Cordless Phone is the best choice.
Discover Panasonic cordless phones, handphones, cordless digital phones with sleek designs with high noise reduction, built-in Bluetooth, Call barring and more.
The Panasonic digital cordless phone is sleek, classy, ​​and packed with some cool features. Suitable for both office and home, making communication easier and more efficient.
Great quality cordless Panasonic phone, new apps, flexible connectivity no matter where you are or what you're doing.
Why buy Panasonic DECT Phone?
- Plug-and-play configuration, compatible with Asterisk and Broadsoft
- Expand up to 6 wireless handsets, up to 8 SIP subscriptions and 3 concurrent network conversations
- DECT radio technology with 10 days standby time and 5 hours talk time

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