Panasonic IP Phone

Panasonic brand is famous for technology products. Panasonic IP phones are quite popular means of communication and information transmission in many places, including Vietnam. Panasonic IP Phones support business enterprises and perform better than traditional phone models
Panasonic IP phones have many special features than traditional phones that can display the caller's phone number, display missed calls, record calls or transfer calls, it can be a mobile phone. using software or a simple hardware device that is structured like a regular phone
What is Panasonic IP Phone? Join GTC Tech to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the product
- Panasonic IP phone was researched by Panasonic telecommunications companies to meet the needs of connecting, making calls to exchange and share information to the outside in a convenient way. These IP phones we can easily see on the desks of different companies. Many users can only understand this as a landline phone only. In fact, it has different characteristics and features than usual.
- Panasonic IP desk phones can be used on LAN / MAN / WAN or Internet networks and connect to IP data packets (on LAN, WAN, Internet) with the transmitted information being the encoder of the device. sound. Panasonic IP phones allow users to make incoming and outgoing calls with VoIP technology.
What are the practical benefits of Panasonic IP Phones?
- Install and configure, maintain quickly, can take advantage of existing infrastructure such as: (LAN, Internet, feature phone ...)
- Easy web-based configuration management interface makes product calibration and maintenance simple.
- No cost for internal, inter-provincial, international calls, so it is very suitable for businesses with many branches.
- The system upgrade is easy when using an extension and there is no need to change the system like using a regular phone.
- The information about the call (incoming and outgoing) date and time will be stored on the server system.
- Make video calls without using other apps
- Using IP phones can connect to multi-party video conferencing at the same time
Why choose Panasonic IP desk phone
   No worries about VOIP technology obsolescence: Even if you use Panasonic IP phones for 5-10 years later, you will not be afraid of lagging behind in terms of VOIP technology, design, and quality. IP telephony software is constantly being updated with new versions and features. You can rest assured with an IP phone model that will meet the changes of technology in the future.
- Flexible features: If you want to customize or customize, change a feature, the Panasonic IP phone responds very flexibly. For example, when you want customers to call, you will automatically send a greeting with a message that leaves a message next, this message will be sent to email or forwarded to you immediately. You only need to use a few steps to install it easily.
- Unlimited expansion: You don't have to worry about your phone's hardware needing to change part or the whole system. With new IP link technology to help you connect cameras, Video Conference, doorbells, lights, alarms, voice connections can all be synchronized and expanded.
- Simple and fast operation and installation: Just plug and play (Plug And Play). You can use it right away without spending much time, just need to connect to a LAN to be able to use it.
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- Panasonic IP desk phone is one of the devices that effectively connect with Panasonic phone exchange and meet the needs of users. The device has distinct features compared to conventional IP phones. A phone system for businesses cannot be without IP phones.

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