Panasonic KX-NS300 PBX - 6 Trunk, 32 Branches

Panasonic KX-NS300 PBX - 6 Trunk, 32 Branches

Panasonic KX-NS300 PBX 6 Trunk, 32 new generation Branches, integrating and developing many other convenient functions. - 06 trunks - 32 Analog extensions. Ability to upgrade 48 trunks - 128 analog extensions - 2 channels DISA, basic Voicemail (2 hours recording of greetings, messages). - Trunk connection port and extension: RJ45 - Backup Accu power connection port. System password length: 4 - 16 characters. - Install on 19 Inch Rack, wall or desktop.

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Panasonic NS300 6-way IP PBX with 32 extensions, Built-in digital display, Greetings, Voicemail, Allows expansion up to 48 into 128 extensions, in accordance with the needs of users (cheap but quality perfection thanks to the superior technology and creativity of the Japanese). Moreover KX-NS300 is the configuration of the machine capacity to meet all small and medium businesses or motels.
New generation Panasonic KX-NS300 Smart Hybrid PBX PBX inherits the outstanding features of the KX-TDA100, integrating and developing many other convenient functions.
Main frame Panasonic KX-NS300 Smart Hybrid PBX built-in:
+ 06 trunks-24 Analog extensions, 2 digital extensions (+ 2 D-XPD)
+ 2 channels DISA, Voicemail basic (2 hours recording greetings, messages).
- Integrated function to display incoming call numbers.
- Remote programming over LAN.
System programming protocol: Web / PT.
- Export charges via LAN.
- Call center function (Buy more licenses).
- Function of using a mobile phone as an extension (Buy more License).
- TVM function for recording extensions, premium Voicemail (Buy more licenses).
- Video Call conversation between extensions IP standard SIP (Buy more licenses).
- Has 2 slots for the trunk card and 2 slots for the extension card.
Maximum configuration of main frame: 12 trunks-32 extensions (Analog and Digital) and 4 digital extensions, 32 E1 trunks, 16 standard H.323 IP trunks and SIP, 32 IP extensions (Total maximum capacity for main frame: 52 trunks - 72 extensions of all kinds).
- Connect with 03 sub-frames KX-NS320 to upgrade and expand PBX.