Panasonic KX-TS560 phone

Panasonic KX-TS560 phone

Panasonic KX-TS560 is a multi-function analog phone including LCD display and caller ID Up to 50 numbers and names can be stored in the phonebook.
- LCD screen shows phone number when pressing
- Ability to store 50 incoming and 20 outgoing calls
- Store contacts up to 50 numbers
- Large numeric keypad, easy to use, faster operation
- Lock the keyboard with a password for information security

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The Panasonic KX-TS560 phone is ergonomically designed, elegantly easy to use with a variety of colors, you can freely choose the color that suits your space as well as the dynamic working environment.. .
The unique and novel Panasonic KX-TS560 with many advanced functions, it is a suitable product for businesses, households, companies, offices. If you are looking for or need to install a telephone switchboard, the Panasonic KX-TS560 Desk Phone is a choice not to be missed.
- 2-line LCD display
- Contacts Memory (50 names and phone numbers).
- List of 50 missed calls
- Redial the last number up to 20 numbers.
- Compatible caller ID
Panasonic KX-TS560 has a clear 2-line LCD screen, making it easy for users to see the number they are calling and receive redial numbers and call time. In addition, the KX-TS560 can store contacts with up to 50 numbers, so you won't spend too much time contacting the necessary places.
The Panasonic KX-TS560 phone has 3 levels of ring and volume adjustment such as diverting, blocking outgoing calls and muting it. Place the phone so that you can hear the ring clearly.
Redial the last number: With the function of redialing the last number, KX-TS560 helps users to redial the last dialed number in the fastest way, just through one key, select the number or name, no need to press again a long list of numbers in the phonebook, avoid calling the wrong number and wasting time
The KX-TS560 Desk Phone System combines functionality and design to meet a wide range of business scenarios. it provides all necessary information for your call such as date, time and call duration indication and also gives you the ability to redial the last number, incoming call memory of 50 entries, etc. You can make a call by selecting a name or number from the contacts list. You can also confirm incoming calls visually. The ringer light flashes to indicate an incoming call.
Features of Panasonic KX-TS560 Phone
The LCD screen displays information clearly and comfortably for the user to read. KX-TS560 provides the ability to display incoming and outgoing calls in the contact list.
- List of missed calls (50 locations), 20 speed dial numbers, 20 redial numbers
- Contacts 50 Numbers
- Adjustment keys are easy to operate when using.
- Loop microswitch function (Flash)
-The index finger indicator flashes to indicate an incoming call.
- Music waiting mode for incoming calls to create a comfortable and pleasant feeling when talking
- Support password keypad lock function to ensure safety when you don't want others to use your phone without permission
- Adjust the volume of the electronic ringer with 3 selectable levels so that users can choose the volume level they want.
- The keyboard is large, clear, easy to use, simple and fast operation, especially suitable for people with young children.
- A line of desk phones that provide all the necessary functions for corporate communication as well as the environment in your home space. The Panasonic KX-TS560 has a unique, modern design, with a compact size that is easy to install in any space or wall-mounted in your home or office.