Panasonic Phone KX-TGD535

Panasonic Phone KX-TGD535

The sleek, metal Panasonic KX-TGD535 intercepts up to 150 unwanted numbers and an advanced caller and talker ID lets you know who is calling. The Panasonic KX-TGD535 adds the power and convenience to your daily calls with an improved home system.

Mã Product: KX-TGD535

Bảo hành: 12 tháng

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Why choose the Panasonic KX-TGD535 phone
The Panasonic KX-TGD535 is a new generation DECT 6.0 phone with an answering system and 5 wireless handsets that are the ideal VOIP solution for homes, offices, enterprises ... The Panasonic KX-TGD535 is designed to help people manage daily calls easier and more convenient.

With the Panasonic KX-TGD535 wireless phone you can hear who is calling from around the room without having to hear text-to-speech messages from the base unit and the KX-TGD535 Wireless Handset.

- It has 5 headsets.

Black + 4 additional handsets

Dect6.0 ensures extended signal range

Contacts for 50 contacts.

- Up to 10 hours of talk time.

- Redial memory: 5 (Name & Number)

- Block up to 150 numbers / Internal communication feature

Large backlit keypad / 3 Way Conference Call

Can expand up to 6 handsets / caller ID

The Panasonic KX-TGD535 is the best cordless phone with an answering machine that takes and records your voicemail for all the calls you may have missed.

With the innovative LCD display in the Panasonic KX-TGD535 with white backlight to see caller's name and number, and built-in contrast keypad, use your phone easily even in dimly lit locations.

Features of the phone Panasonic KX-TGD535
Extensible cordless phone - 5 handsets

- Block unwanted callers

- Bilingual caller ID

- Message counter for quick reading

- All Digital Voicemail

High contrast display and keyboard

- ID ringer

- Extend talk time

- Additional Calling Utility

Accessories: Base KX-TGD535 can be wall mounted and comes with suitable wall mount and screws. Two AAA size Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are also included.

Outstanding features of Panasonic KX-TGD535

The KX-TGD535 includes a message counter on the base of your wireless phone so you can quickly review the number of calls received.

The Panasonic KX-TGD535 is provided with bilingual caller ID notifications allowing you to know your caller information even when you are in the room in two different languages

- You can assign personal ringtones to your contacts from the built-in music library.

- You can store up to 100 numbers on the phonebook and nine speed dial facilities available on the phone

The Panasonic KX-TGD535 gives you a better idea of ​​whether to buy a cord-free, convenient phone and stores multiple numbers in your phonebook.