Panasonic WV-U1542L IP Camera

Panasonic WV-U1542L IP Camera

The Panasonic WV-U1542L captures the highest quality images with 4MP resolution even in very difficult and dynamic environments. The Panasonic WV-U1542L IP Camera is intelligently enhanced bandwidth performance to record longer and store less.
• 4MP 2668 x 1520 (4.05MP) 30ips with IR
• H.265 . intelligent encoder
• Motorized focus and 2.5x motorized zoom lens
• Color night vision (0.019 to 0.3 lux)
• iA (intelligent auto)
• Super Dynamic WDR 102dB

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PANASONIC WV-U1542L Infrared 4.0 Megapixel IP Camera features high compression using H.265 and smart encoding, color capture with low light color night vision and super dynamic functions , and can be used for monitoring at night and/or in dark places with light, entrances of buildings with large differences in illumination, etc. Panasonic WV-U1542L IP Camera with cost efficiently maintain the high performance, visibility and reliability that customers expect.
• 4-megapixel H.265 . multifocal box camera
• 4.0 megapixel camera supporting up to 30 fps
• Motorized focus and 2.5x motorized zoom lens
• iA (Intelligent Auto)
• Super dynamic 102dB
• Color night vision (0.019 to 0.3 lx)
• H.265 . intelligent encoder
• Corridor mode (90 degrees or 270 degrees when rotating the image)
• Profile Onvif G / TILLION
The PANASONIC WV-U1542L camera offers professional video security, features 4MP resolution and multifocal lens, ideal for use in education, banking, hospitals, office spaces, Transportation, retail store and many other applications.

Extremely high image quality enables evidence to be captured even in difficult conditions
- Automatic 1/2.7 CMOS and IA sensor speed control with super dynamic functions for fast moving vehicles
- Sharp and clear image of a person walking day and night
- Exceptional low-light performance with true color and low noise for night applications
- Super Dynamic 102dB for real-time lighting situations and give you as bright as headlights and darkness on the street at night
Massive Bandwidth Compression with Panasonic's H.265 Smart Encoding
- Record longer and store less than any H.264-based compression technique
- Self-learning ROI* encoding (Auto VIQS) detects motion in images and compresses areas with little movement to reduce transmitted data while intelligent encoding for high-quality streams maintains quality of the picture.