Plantronics Calisto 620M

Plantronics Calisto 620M

Plantronics Calisto P620M is a personal Bluetooth conference Speaker that has been optimized for use with Microsoft Lync. Designed with portability in mind, Calisto P620M includes a USB adapter for connecting to PCs and laptops.

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The Plantronics Calisto 620M wireless speaker is designed for UC systems to experience simple group meetings, creating flexible open spaces. Calisto 620M is optimized for Microsoft Lync systems.
Plantronics Calisto 620M skype line of meeting speakers supports simple and easy connection to a computer. This is the most ideal product for small individual to individual meetings, individual to group and two small groups together. In particular, the light weight is quite light to carry when traveling, working far away can still participate in internal meetings.
* Support dual connection
Plantronics Calisto 620M meeting device allows to choose two connections that are USB or bluetooth. Corresponding to connecting to the user's computer via USB and making calls with softphone or smart phone via bluetooth function.
* Good sound quality
The superb sound quality allows you to convert almost any workspace into a small meeting or conference room. The Plantronics Calisto 620M is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses.
+ Optimized with most softphone communications over the internet.
+ Full Duplex capacity
Supports broadband communication to facilitate unified communications and VOIP.
+ The microphone automatically rotates 360 degrees in the direction of the voice